Meatloaf in a Minute..

Ok the title is misleading.. It was under 20 minutes from frig to plate, but I liked the title. This is one of those recipes that’s more about having fast tasty meals on a budget.

When making the carrots I realized I tried them similar to this before, but i didnt like them. This time they were great.. I’m sure it’s the nutmeg.20150113_215208

I think it’s worth mentioning how little effort is needed for such a nice meal..

While I blanched the carrots.. I made a quick double tray from aluminum foil.. Turned the oven to 350.. Sliced 3 slices of meatloaf, from a precooked meatloaf I get from Giant Eagle in Ohio.. (the whole meatloaf just under 4lbs, is $8.99, I get 3 big dinners and a lunch sandwich from it).. Lay them on 1 side of the tray, open a small can of early peas and put them on the other side, with a bit of butter on top..  Drain the carrots, turn the oven down to 250.. put the nutmeg, butter and brown sugar in the pot and coat the carrots, let simmer about 7 mins.. Plate it all up and almost instant comfort food meal ! Even with organic spices and veggies, it only comes out to about $5 a meal and a free sandwich .. when I  get the meatloaf, I’ll have it for dinner every other day til gone and switch up the veggies each meal, I don’t get bored of it because they make an awesome juicy meatloaf in thier own kitchens as well as other tasty entrees  .. Clean up is tossing the foil, cleaning 1 saucepan, 1 plate, 1 bowl, 1 fork and a knife..

The meatloaf is so tender and juicy it was hard to stop one slice from falling apart on me, but it was just as tasty as the other two, just not as pretty lol.

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