My favorite salad..

With just a sprinkle of extra sharp cheddar cheese, a shake of toasted sesame seeds, 2 pinches of unsalted sunflower seeds, 1 tbsp of virgin olive oil and 2 diced slices of ham off the bone, this salad which is a meal, is relatively low in fat and the fats are mostly good fats we need anyway.. with carrots and the peeled, raw diced beets on romaine lettuce its vitamin and mineral packed..I used organic balsamic vinegar and it flavored the beets to a whole new level !!! And I never liked beets except in making pickled eggs ! The baslamic vinegar makes beets delicious for me. So if you’re a beet hater, try them this way, just once..  90% of all the ingredients are organic..I lightly used coarse ground garlic salt and italian seasonings just for good measure.. A tasty no cook meal that can be a meal on its own or as a side salad. Substituting cubed chicken or leftover rotisserie chicken for the ham is fabulous in this and makes a great balanced meal.. Just drizzle the baslamic vinegar and EVOO over the salad and toss.. Or do like I do, start with the goodies on top and work your way down. I don’t buy ham in the vacuum sealed pouches anymore.. I go to the deli and pick which meat and have them slice it the thickness I want. The ham in this salad is sliced 1/4 in thick, cubing it was a breeze. But if I want a ham steak to glaze with brown sugar and pineapple, it’ll be sliced 1/2 in. thick. I have them slice it 1/4 in. for breakfast ham, hot open face roast beef, chicken or turkey sandwiches    The deli meats have a fresher and better flavor in my opinion.  I just try and make healthy 99% fat free selections of them.  I’ll write another blog later about tips and tricks like the one I’m sharing here about20140617_171553

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