Why Buy Organic..

The goal of my blog is to share easy tasty recipes that can be created in the tiniest of kitchens. But because of the difference in how I feel physically and the taste difference in organic foods, I want to touch on the subject of organic foods.

Without going into detail, not all foods labeled organic are what you might expect. Do your research on what organic means on the label.

Grassfed and free range doesn’t automatically mean organic.

Natural doesn’t automatically mean organic.

The flavor difference in organic beef, chicken, pork and non organic varieties, are night and day, in my opinion. And you can find these on sale in most grocery stores.

The same goes for veggies but like regular veggies, you do have to pick thru for the best.

Of the “dirty dozen” fruits, apples contain the most pesticides. And they don’t wash off, they permiate the skin.

Taste was a big factor for me to try more organic foods. But the difference in how I feel has made up my mind.

There’s ongoing debates and several studies claiming organic food is more nutritious and other studies claiming to debunk that. I know how I feel since I started consuming organic foods, and that makes me believe that they probably are more nutritious. At the very least, I’m not eating pesticides.

GMOs . That’s a quandry. Are they bad ? Genetically modified foods have a higher yield and are disease resistant. It sounds good, but I’m not convinced they are such a miracle. But that’s just me, I watched the Island of Dr. Moreau as a kid, and maybe that’s why I have an aversion to splicing and dicing the gene pools of the food I eat.

The long and the short of this post is to explain why I use mostly organic foods and spices.

They taste better and I feel better.

One thought on “Why Buy Organic..

  1. Veg growers since Mendel (1800s) have been splicing genes to select favourable traits. I think the tragedy is that ‘favourable traits’ sought now are non-perishability and shelf-prettiness rather than flavour and nutrition. Thousands of tasty varieties are lost to us year after year. It drives me crazy.
    I totally agree with you about the pesticides. I think that time will tell a horror story on that score.
    That said, I can rarely afford to opt for organic apples. We eat 4-5 dozen a week. I have planted Cox’s Pippins, Bramleys, crab apples, pears, plums and figs but my trees are all under 4 years old. I should have a massive crop to coincide with an empty nest!

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