What to Cook in and On.

The most space saving and useful cooking equipment I’ve found over the years are :

A convection toaster oven with a rotisserie.

This broils, bakes with wonderful results.

The toaster function leaves a bit to be desired though. It bakes perfect pizza with a pizza crisper, broils steak and fish terrific.

And roasts a whole chicken, pork or beef roast, with a little trick. Add 20 mins per pound of meat or poltury.. Preheat the oven to 450f, cook meat for 15 mins. Then turn oven down to the suggested cooking temp for which you’re cooking and let cook the remainder of the time left. A meat thermometer is a good idea for safety and to cook beef the doneness you prefer.

1 cup Keurig coffee pot.

I thought I’d never give up my 10 cup coffee pot. But I did in favor of the Keurig. Not that it saved much more space, but the ease. No more filters or coffee containers does save a bit of space. But the ease and efficiency to get my morning cup is a hands down winner. And if you keep your eyes open you can get some really great deals on your favorite flavor of coffee. Mine for example is good ole Columbian. I found a deal at Wegmans whether its on sale or not. $27 per 72 cup case. On sale its $25.

Burton gas burner

The safest gas cooker yet in my opinion and huge space saver. It comes in a sturdy plastic case. I keep the stove, velcroed to my cabinet top as well as the Keurig. I use the plastic case to store the extra cans of butane fuel.

George Foreman

I don’t use this as much as I use to but it still comes in handy and doubles as a panini maker, maybe not the perfect panini but works for me.

2 Cup Electric Food Chopper/Grinder

If I’m chopping alot of veggies this is a huge time saver. And great for grinding fresh herbs and nuts. I also make dips with this.

Smoothie maker

Not just for smoothies. I use this to make mock mashed potatoes from cauliflower. And anything that requires blending. I make a lot of smoothies too.

Even if you don’t have an APU (generator), you can run the engine in your vehicle for the short time you’d be using these appliances. And of course you’ll need an inverter. Mine is a 2500 watt and runs my small frig/freezer while using these.

4 thoughts on “What to Cook in and On.

  1. Wow! I can’t tell you how terribly impressed I am by your ability to cook in a tiny space. Even my gourmet kitchen doesn’t tempt me to cook very often. Have you ever thought about opening a gourmet foot truck – they are very popular in Texas?

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    1. Thank you so much !!! I’ve been known to share my meals with other hungry drivers, so I guess my truck has been a food truck time to time lol.. If you like cauliflower maybe you’d be tempted to visit your gourmet kitchen using my cauliflower hack in tips and tricks.. I used to dread the time it took to prep the florets.. But now I find it fun because it’s ready so fast, and I really enjoy roasted cauliflower..
      If you’d like to post some gourmet recipes please do.. I’m always up for tasty ideas to try ☺ And always interested in what other cooks have in their kitchens to cook with and on..

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