Cannellini Bean Dip


Tasty and lots of protien.. I prefer cannellini beans to garbanzo beans because Cannellini have a milder taste..
Take 4 garlic cloves and mince in a 2 cup high speed food chopper.. Transfer garlic to a heated skillet with 2 tblsps of EVOO, and cook gently while you put a sprig of fresh rosemary and 2 sprigs fresh thyme in the chopper and chop fine.. Then add that in with the garlic and cook a minute or two..add pepper to taste..remove from heat..      If using dried rosemary and thyme, I’d use 1/2 tsp of rosemary and 1 tsp of thyme..
Puree a can, of drained and rinsed, cannelli beans in the food chopper, stopping to scrap down the sides, until you have a smooth and creamy puree ( takes about 5 minutes ) add the herbs with the oil, add lemon juice..blend another minute or two..add salt at this time or more lemon juice, if needed..The lemon itself is a great salt substitute, I never add salt to this, but we all have different salt preferences..
I couldnt believe  the flavors and ate it with Jimaca spears and couldn’t eat the whole Jimaca.. It was my first Jimaca, very different but I liked it..

On a cleanup note, after transferring the dip into a serving bowl or container, remove the blade and dry wipe it and the chopper bowl with a paper towel.. Put the blade back in, pour in 1/8 cup each of vinegar and isopropyl alcohol and run the chopper.. You wont believe how fast and effective it works.. Dump it out, add water and zip it again..Repeat with water.. wipe dry and put away.. Its 3 zips and its done.. This has worked for anything I’ve used my chopper for.. This was that chopper’s last hurrah though.. But look at it, it was over 10 years old and looked and worked beautiful, right up to the end.. The motor finally just gave out..

6 thoughts on “Cannellini Bean Dip

  1. Did you get to try some ? When I made it the first time I followed the directions for a 5 star recipe from the food network, I think.. And it had a bean flavor, not strong but I didn’t like it.. Tried again with a few alterations and it was still there.. The cannelli is much easier to mask, chocolate and vanilla bean or extract takes care of that..


    1. Thank you, I love it and it really comes in handy as a gravy thickener too with no loss of flavor as long as your gravy is compatible with the dip spices..

      I need to start posting my other recipe experiments for the often forgotten cannellii bean..
      From gravies ( sub the flour/cornstarch with bean) to gooey dark chocolate cannelli cake.. I tried using black beans for the chocolate cake but the cannelli beans work better in my opinion for flour sub.. And its extra protein..

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