2 Second Cauliflower Hack


Some may already know this, but since I discovered it on my own, I’m tickled with my hack. I love roasted cauliflower but hate spending the time cutting a head up. Ugh.

The reason I thought of it is because knowing that slapping the core of a head of lettuce on the counter, will allow you to just twist and pull the core out, I wondered if it would work on cauliflower. Well it did and way better than I dared to hope !

When I slapped it hard, core down on the counter it popped the florets up and they spread out. I grabbed the core and twisted and those tough leaves stayed on the core, it was beautiful. As you can see in the picture, the core and leaves look like a big ugly flower, lol. The florets came apart in 8 big pieces. All I had to do is cut those apart.


And in this 2nd picture, this is all the scrap stem I had left when finished. Took all of maybe 5 minutes from fridge to florets. I’ve never parted a cauliflower head so fast. And never had it be so easy to clean up afterwards.

Now I can have my cauliflower in record time !!!

I looked on youtube to see if anyone else had done this yet. And some do bang the core, but I don’t understand why they’re cutting the leaves off first. The leaves will stay on the core. It’s fun and very often a learning experience to see the creative hacks people come up with.

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