Black and Blue Berry Buns

What can’t you do with fat free Greek yogurt ?  I haven’t come across it yet..

This is the usual order of how a new recipe comes together for me..

First I get an idea to try and use an unlikely pair of ingredients to blend in a recipe.. Just to see if I can.. I once jumped out of a perfectly good airplane for the same reason.. I survived that and so far my tastebuds have survived cooking adventures,with only a few bumps along the way..

These buns turned out with just the right sweetness and tartness from the combination of fresh blackberries and blueberries.. The greek yogurt turned into this fluffy cream and no yogurt or sour taste ! Yaay ! And with only 3 ingredients !!! Double Yaay !!!

The warm fruity fluffy cream inside was perfect for a cold winter night treat, while I enjoy a 34hr break from work..

1 can Pillsbury Honey Butter Grands (they claim to be biscuits, I disagree)

1/4 cup each of fresh or frozen blackberries and blueberries

4 tbsp Fat free greek yogurt


Preheat the oven to 350f

In a bowl add the yogurt and berries

While stirring together, crush all the blackberries with a spoon.. Crush about half of the blueberries too, until you have a lumpy but pretty shade of pink mess in there..

Take the Grands and place on your baking mat.. Pry open each Grand and put a dollop inside and work the dough edges to seal it in..

Put in the oven for 20 minutes.. They’re done when the Grands are golden brown.. As you see in the picture, some of the Grands will open at the edges.. I was worried that the center was going to run out and make a mess.. But no worries, like I said above, the yogurt turns into a fluffy light cream..

I did worry that I didn’t add sugar or honey, but its fine without it.. If you want a really sweet bun, I’d suggest brown sugar or honey when mixing the yogurt and berries.. I’m happy with the sweetness without adding sugar.. Blackberries have noticable seeds, So no way around it, if you can’t bear chewing down on some blackberry seeds, then this recipe wouldn’t be one to try..

Please post and review if you make this or any of the recipes on my blog.. And post improvments you’ve discovered to make them even tastier ! A true foodie has no competing ego, its all about the taste.. 😉




18 thoughts on “Black and Blue Berry Buns

    1. Wow, just yesterday Jessica said I should publish a cookbook with my blog name as the title.. And now you’re saying youtube videos.. Number one reason not to do videos, I’m extremely camera shy..
      But I honestly was thinking of doing some for tips and tricks, like the 2 sec cauliflower hack..
      And with morale boosters like you and Jessica have given in those 2 adventures, I might just dive in and hope I don’t drown 😮
      We’ll see how the blog goes first.. It was quite a jump for me, since I started it with zero knowledge how to do it and maintain it.. I’d say I’ve gained a whopping 1% knowledge base so far.. So much still yet to learn..

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    2. Isn’t that pink color just wild ? Never would have guessed that color mixing blueberries, blackberries and greek yogurt 😂
      My berries were nicely ripe so depending on the sweetness desired and berry ripeness, you could add honey or brown sugar in the filling.. but baking brings out the natural sweetness too.. If I’m in the mood for really sweet, I’ll add honey..
      Looking forward to your results and tastebud vote..


    1. Yes I did 😊
      I have a convection toaster oven and that circulating air makes all the difference in the world.. whole chickens, pork and beef roasts and my fav, roasted turkey legs !
      The air moving all around whatever you’re cooking just does it all so evenly.. I never have to turn a pan around midway thru.. it also has a rotisserie but I don’t use it.. I found the perfect way to roast meats is to preheat the oven to 450f, dress the meat as you would normally, let it roast at 450f for 15 mins.. then turn the oven down to 350 or 325
      (depends on what meat) then roast at “normal” temp for the time per lb minus 15 mins.. this works in a conventional oven too but I think works better in a convection oven.. you cook turkey legs as above but if you season them and slip a little butter between the skin and meat, the butter somehow melts the fat in the skin and leaves you with paper thin crispy skin.. and the drip pan below has a turkey butter base for the best turkey gravy.. drool..drool..
      Baking pastries, cakes or bread have no special instructions, but all food cooked by convection cooks faster than conventional..
      Anyhow, the pretty pink center in the buns is just right sweet for me.. and thats pretty good for no added sugar.. I hope you try them Kerry.. And try taking some Grands another time and wrap a couple of little smokies in them and bake.. Totally delicious..

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      1. I can really cook well – my sticky toffee pudding is famous… Living in Egypt with a leaking gas oven that blew up in your face when you lit it, disinfecting vegetables and fruit and excellent restaurant food ruined me. 🙂

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      2. Sticky toffee pudding ? How does that work 😯😂
        I would be very interested in that recipe !!! If you feel inclined to share it 👍
        It doesn’t surprise me one iota that you cook well.. but if one of my recipes was so irresistible that it pushed you past the blast from the past in Egypt, to make it, I’d be pretty darn proud of myself 😄

        😕 That sticky toffee pudding really intrigues me, how can it be sticky and pudding ? Toffee is some pretty chewy stuff but I can see it as a flavor.. its the sticky that makes me curious about the texture and mouthfeel of the pudding..

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    1. I want to inspire everyone that happens onto my blog.. But wow, pretty nice if I can inspire someone who doesn’t like to cook ! I hope you do try these and let me know what you think..

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      1. Ohhhhhh boy, almost here !!!
        I will try that sauce on….. well, probably everything except tuna lol..
        No worries, wp has been acting up on me.. tho in my case, its probably me making it act up 😄
        Can’t wait to try your recipe !

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  1. Oh double yum! I have no idea what a Grand is (in English slang it means a thousand, actually) but I will seek them out and try this. I got blueberries and blackberries as a two for one in the supermarket yesterday and I am a slave to Greek Yoghurt having first tried it for breakfast in Corfu when I was about 20 with local honey. It transformed my life and has been my constant fridge companion ever since. This feels like a VERY good use of the unctuous delight.

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    1. Yaay ! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.. A “Grand” is just a product selection that Pillsbury puts out.. If you go to the refrigerated section, look for tubes of ready to cook rolls and biscuits.. Grands is printed large so should be easy to spot.. There’s a few different flavor options of them, I highly recommend the honey and butter biscuits for this.. I’m munching on one now with a cup of hot tea..
      Please let me know your tastebud’s final answer ☺


      1. I’ll be out there and buying these bakeable beauties later today and will report back! I love Pillsbury – their selection is small in England now but their ready to bake Pain au Chocolat were my daughters’ favourite Sunday breakfast treat when they were growing up and the croissants are brilliant in several ways that made me look like I could cook! Finally, it should be noted that my oldest (and still best) friend was nicknamed Pillsbury by yours truly in the 70s due to her chubby form and palid complexion. She improved, I hasten to add and I think it is a miracle that she kept me as her friend!

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