The Perception of Time..

The Daily post weekly challenge..


The abstract of time raises more questions than answers.. You are sitting by your four legged best friend as time passes but yet time isn’t perceived in the same way to your pal as it is to you..


Even among us the perception differs.. To a child, 5 minutes is FOREVER..


Even within you the perception of the passing of time, speeds forward at a pressing rate, when you don’t have enough time, then slows to a crawl, when you are waiting and waiting and waiting, for any certain reason..


But the passing of time outside of us, seems to relatively remain the same..


The seasons keeping annual ryhthm to the passing of time.. Cycles of life for all creatures, march forward from birth to death and beginning anew, as time ticks off each moment..

Our perception of time is a manufactured concept that creates finite points in a universe we make finite for our own imagination limitations..



And we seem to be the only creatures on earth with wildly changing perceptions ย of the passage of time..


We would be lost in time if it weren’t for clocks to keep us in real time..


24 thoughts on “The Perception of Time..

  1. Hello Pan, I have just come to check this out after you liked one of my comments on ‘Osyth’s’ post.
    I do not believe in the concept of time – I have always believed, as you have illustrated, that it is ‘relevant’.
    I also do not believe that time is linear, but spherical and multi layered and that it is only a matter of ‘time’ until we will be able to cross from one layer to another, maybe this has already been achieved by Leonardo da Vinci!
    I actually DO think that everything is happening at once, this is not a new concept and it is talked about in the Bible (but I did not get my conception from there – it just seems more logical to me than the linear concept (that is a bit like the earth being flat, and as everything else is cyclical, why would time be different.

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    1. Cycles of life and orbits of galaxies seem to support the idea that time may be a cycle as well.. But each segment only seems to occur once and is unique to it’s moment moving in what we express as moving forward in time.. The same leaf that withered last winter won’t wither again this winter.. Even orbiting masses in the universe change paths ever so slightly.. No footprint in life is an exact duplicate of any previous footprint.. I believe time is a current that flows.. It may speed up and slow down from an outside force at will, which I believe is God.. We are floating in time being carried by the flow.. Being able to step outside of the time flow would give the true understanding of infinity, I’m not sure the human mind can contain that understanding.. The idea, sure.. But stepping outside of time to experience infinity I think would be like leaving the space capsule without a spacesuit.. The vacuum would extinguish human life.. So without that outside view looking in, I’m really not sure what time is, it’s shape or what time it is, on our time line of infinity.. Looking within this boundary of time, I know we rely completely on our plane to keep time.. Without the sun, moon and stars and now time keeping atomic clocks, we couldn’t keep track of time on our own level.. Even as those methods ever so slightly change paths, we just “adjust” the time to suit our purposes for keeping time..


      1. Yes, you are so right about the speeding up and slowing down, we our all in our own ‘time bubble’ and God is indeed the ‘clock winder’
        I agree, our minds were not meant for grasping the concept of ‘infinity’

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    1. Funny you should ask, I was just looking for his slightly dressed pic to see if he could sneak in an entry ! But alas it’s on an sd card thats about 1400 miles away right now ๐Ÿ˜•


  2. First of all, what a beautiful picture …. the look of sheer devoted bliss on doggies face is heart-melting. My daughter (mum to a pug X called Brian) told me that when dogs cross their legs it is a sign of pure contentedness ๐Ÿ™‚ Your words are brilliant …. time – how can it pass more quickly as you age (and it does), how can it hang so when you are anticipating something special and disappear in less than the flicker of a candle flame when it is something you would rather avoid. Time pieces are essential. I wonder what it would be like if we binned them for a month ….

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    1. I would like to imagine if we binned our schedule crutches, that we’d all simply slow down and float within the stream of time, at peace with simply being in the moment causing wars and crime to become only memories.. ahhhhh..
      But we know that scenario wouldn’t happen.. Deadlines couldn’t be met, hospitals would be up in arms, financial institutions wouldn’t stand for it.. Too much depends on our reliance of time keeping, microsecond to microsecond.. We have revolved and intertwined almost every aspect of our lives from birth to death, on the concept of time..

      Btw, the contented doggie in the pic is Stewie in the bunk of my truck ๐Ÿ˜Š
      He must really like doing his job if that pic is contentment.. One of his jobs is to stay still in the bunk when I start cooking.. I talk to him while I cook and it’s awesome that he really listens, if not to my words, to my tone.. He’s smart and awesome to watch him putting all heart into playtime.. He waits patiently no matter if it takes 10 mins or 2hrs.. It’s like time is only now to him.. And only the action at the moment matters..

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      1. You are right damn it! I know you are. You know me to be a dreamer and it would be nice to think that the first scenario you paint so well would be the outcome but of course it would be the second. Perhaps some comprimise might be progress … who knows. I thought it was Stewie but didn’t want to presume. What a handsome and beguiling fellow ๐Ÿ™‚ Our dogs are the greatest in so many things if we let them be. Patience, they say is a virtue and that stoic patience is something to behold and to cherish which you clearly do. I think we should all learn from living in the moment. We are so conditioned to think ahead that we forget to just enjoy what’s there on a plate for us. Stewie is a sage professor ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. This challenge and your comments are really “timely”.. remember the ghost flag post I’m having such a terrible time getting the pics edited ? The whole reason the ghost flag happened and is going to be part of that recipe, is because I was practicing living in the moment and appreciation of how I can prevent the weather from putting a damper on my mood.. I won’t change a single word, because I like how I wrote it up, but when you finally can see it, you’ll see how it fits your comments on this subject ๐Ÿ˜„


  3. I read somewhere that the concept of Time keeps everything from happening at once. As if…

    You make some good points for us to think about. Children and animals, time and the lack/abundance of it. Thanks for kick-starting my morning.

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