Blending in..

CB&W Pet photo challenge..

We were told that Cee is looking for internal lines.. The photo can be b&w, sepia or a selective color..

Even in full color, Stewie blends in with the beach sand, sticks and shells.. I first tried straight b&w, but he almost disappeared from the picture πŸ˜‚

So, saving that, I overlayed it with sepia and was delighted in the way it highlighted Β Stewie and the river..

It also made curvy lines of flowing waterΒ stand out in the river.. And you can still see the lines in Stewie’s brindle coat..Β 

I’m happy with the picture, hope I didΒ CB&WΒ challenge correctly πŸ˜„

17 thoughts on “Blending in..

    1. He is a handsome boy and he knows it πŸ˜‚ I’ll have to try n video him to show you.. He will groom himself and finishes in a sitting postion, slowly turns his head and sits straighter, looks me in the eye as if to say, ” I am such a handsome dog”..
      It’s hysterical because it’s like a routine he does..
      If you really do want the picture, I’ll email it to you.. I don’t know if you’re familiar with CVS or Walgreens drugstores but I know one will be handy to you.. Anyhow, you can email the picture to which one you choose, select the size print you want, then select the store location you will pick it up at.. Its not expensive and usually takes only a day..
      Stewie is handsome, smart, fun and the biggest baby and brat boy dog πŸ˜„


      1. I do love the picture and I would be thrilled to have a copy. I am certainly well tuned into CVS and Walgreens. I get actually quite excited by the fact that they sell sweets (candy) in drugstores here. The man in Walgreens thinks I’m batso (which I probably am) because I get so carried away with all the different sweets and chocolate. Stewie is gorgeous – if you get a chance to video him you must …. he is definitely a scorcher of a handsome hound πŸ™‚

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      2. Then I will send it toot sweet, silly American saying πŸ˜„
        You may find another email I sent you, I guess it’s been about a week or 2 ago..


    1. Aww thanks Kerry ! I haven’t yet linked over to enter it but on my way.. Most of the ppl I follow are awesome with a camera, of course you know that means you too.. Maybe you’ll enter one ?

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