Boing Boing Boing..

That’s just one of many oddball things Stewie does.. He loves to “spring” into action in tall grass.. It truly looks like he must have springs on his back paws while he bounces up and down from one spot to the next.. He’ll do this several times in a row really fast and then stop.. and look all around to see if he flushed anything out to chase.. He’s flushed both rabbits and mice out.. But luckily for them, he hasn’t caught one.. He’s not allowed to dig, so when they zip underground the chase is over.. People have caught me, seemingly standing by myself, in a fit of laughter, when Stewie is down a hill doing his hopping, out of the onlooker’s view.. A few have ventured over to see what I’m finding so funny and get a good laugh watching him too.. But most just give me the, “shes a nutter” look and quietly distance themselves a little further away 😂 Come post at COB with your oddball pictures !

24 thoughts on “BOING !

    1. I was just getting ready to read it but wanted to check the other email alerts that piled up.. it’s weird, there’ll be nothing, I’ll make a comment somewhere, log off and when I come back there’s all sorts of alerts and most times, not one is a reply 😂 They come later.. I’m making my 2nd cup of hot tea and I will sip and savour as I savour this new enjoyable chapter ! I skimmed a little and peeked at the pics in email form and know I’m going to enjoy this installment 👍

      I don’t know what to check on your email addy.. I clicked it from your about page at the bottom..

      Easy fix tho, mine works in the link, I’ve had 2 ppl contact me by clicking it..

      Click mine to send me a test email and I’ll be able to use that to reply ?

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      1. Haha! You are a genius – I’ll do that later on when I’ve waded through a whole lot of replies that seem to have hit my site like an avalanche overnight – not complaining 😀

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    2. I’ve had an unproductive day but am happy with it.. Needed a break from juggling.. However, I did have a great and filling breakfast this morning and it’s about 8hrs later and I’m still stuffed.. That’s what a T-bone steak, eggs and potatoes will do 😂 I haven’t ate that much in one sitting in over 2 years..
      And I did not cook it.. Which is really odd for me.. I rarely trust kitchen ethics in most restaurants, especially a chain restaurant and we ate at Dennys 😯
      Also, when I say we, I’m referring to someone you and I are both acquainted with.. It was a very animated conversation, not my usual day to day.. So it was a lot of fun 😄
      Stewie is getting cabin fever, we just aren’t outside very long the past 2 weeks..

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      1. Oh that sounds amazing …. I’m with you that I very seldom eat in restaurants especially chains but sometimes it is the right thing to do and when you are with a friend it is so good. We have a couple of people in common and I am admirer of them all so I’m sure it was a good start to the day. Who was it if I’m not being too nosey? The Bean would sulk if I didn’t take a bit of steak back to the car for her by the way!! They do hate being couped up for too long, don’t they? I have a choice tomorrow – I’m going to a Hockey game in the evening which means I either drive in to Cambridge with Two Brains after his dental appointment in the morning taking The Bean and she will have to stay in the car on her own from about 6:30-10 whilst we are at the rink or I drop him to the train and drive to town late afternoon leaving her in the house …. either way she will sulk mahusively – its stupid really but she’s hardly ever left on her own. I’m giving it some serious thought today and will try and reach the right conclusion (which will be wrong in her eyes!)


      2. I had a simple grilled cheese sandwich and coffee for breakfast today, still full 😂
        I’ll be looking for an email.. true story about the comments, they seem to happen in clusters..


  1. Stewie must have a bit of the Tigger in him! Your story reminds me of the labrador we had when I was a child – Chuck. He was big even for a lab and yellow and when he started running it was pretty hard to stop him. One day, out in the fields at the back of our house he flushed a rabbit and made chase – as it cornered so did he but he was too bulky to make the turn and fell squashing the rabbit – the look of real remorse and sorrow on his face was hilarious when he realised he’d killed Benjamin Bunny!

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    1. Oooohhh nooooo 😰
      Poor Benjamin Rabbit ! And Tigger too !
      Stewie cuts corners with the rabbits but it really slows him down coming out of the turn and that’s the rabbit’s window of escape.. He can usually only keep up til the 2nd hard turn.. Wild rabbits really can move.. The mice are clever and go under a rock or find a hole fast and Stewie will start to pounce up n down on the hole or rock like he’s frustrated.. Probably because he is, he knows if he starts to paw up dirt, then playtime is over and he’s in trouble.. The other thing I ingrained into him is “no street” .. If anything he’s chasing goes in the street, he comes to a complete stop.. I’m grateful that, that rule is one he doesn’t break.. And I test him with his ball or a stick pretty regularly, and he makes me proud and breathing easier that he passes it everytime..

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      1. Well done you for instilling that vital message and well done Stewie for learning so well. I find it quite difficult here – no gate, no fence …. luckily in France The Bean is used to a place with no gate so she is generally pretty good but I have to be vigilant. The Bean has never chased a rabbit but did very nearly snap a mouse a couple of summers ago but was stopped short by the blood curdling yells of me and my youngest daughter! She is very keen to bag a lizard but has failed on that so far and is now quite intrigued by the shed underwhich we know there lives a groundhog which I’m pretty sure is bigger than her … watch this space!

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    2. Be careful about the Bean with lizards.. Stewie got ahold of one down home in fla. and got sick.. I can’t swear it was from the lizard but I think it was.. And all he did was try and pick it up with his mouth and immediately spit it out.. The lizard was fine and zipped away..

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      1. She hasn’t found any here (I don’t know what there are and they must be sleeping) but in France they are everywhere – I’ll keep a tight eye when we are there – thank you for the tip off 🙂

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      1. Pan if we treated, judged and spoke to other people the way we treat, judge and speak to ourselves, we would be in jail! 😞
        Thank goodness for the animals like Stewie and ‘The Bean’. They know the people with good hearts.

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