Phantom Phlag

I had just stopped for the night and was taking a picture for a blog post ( that I still haven’t finished yet) and wanted the current weather to set the scene.. I always snap at least 3 in a row moving a bit left or right, then pick one I like best to use.. Well I got a big surprise that took a few minutes to figure out.. There is no flag on the flagpole.. But in the 3rd picture suddenly I see a ghostly looking flag unfurling downward in a slight breeze.. And there was no breeze, the fine rain was coming straight down.. This ghost flag is on the flagpole which is now bent in the 3rd picture.. ย All the pictures were time stamped at 4:30 pm ..

I know what the ghost flag is, can you figure out this oddball pic ?

I hope this holds its own in Cee’s Oddball challenge.. Clickย Oddballย for some funny pics over there ๐Ÿ˜Š

14 thoughts on “Phantom Phlag

  1. Oops, tomorrow came and went without explaining the optical illusion I accidentally captured..

    If you look straight down the Phantom Phlag pole you’ll see in the snow the picture looks pinched.. And it is, from one of several streams of water that started running off the roof of the truck down the windshield as I was snapping the 3 pics.. That was cool enough to happen.. What really astounds me is the way the stream of water altered the image to put an illusion of a flag just where the phantom phlag showed up on the flagless pole and made it look as if the pole were bent..


      1. No worse than me! I seem to go in fits and starts and never manage to do the daily posting or even the weekly posting most of the time! That’s life for you – gets in the way a bit ๐Ÿ˜€

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      2. I’m ducking the blame and placing it directly on 4 sites that have really fun challenges..
        ๐Ÿ˜ขOh my poor neglected recipe blog..


  2. I can’t really see the flagpole well enough to guess. Initially I thought it was a tree bending over, but with no breeze and no tree, that can’t be right. It also looks like a wave of water. You’ll have to let us know what it really is.


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    1. The flag pole is in all three pictures, taken within seconds of each other.. The 1st pic the pole is seen clearly.. The second pic it can hardly be seen and is a good clue to what happened to it in the 3rd pic..
      You are very close to explaining what happened mentioning water.. I knew WP were too smart.. Drats ๐Ÿ˜„


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