Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge


Keys of life.. Work and play can be found on almost any key ring.. Mine holds those keys and doubles as a couple of tools too.. I used to have a keyring can opener but stopped using it years ago.. It was damaging my pockets..

The keys are to my truck, and keys to my cabin and p.o. box.. My truck key doubles as a tread depth key when I’m inspecting the tires on my rig.. The dangling metal fob is a L.E.D. flashlight which is a handy dandy tool I use for inspecting my rig at night and to check the fifth wheel jaws night or day to be certain that they are locked.. It’s what keeps the trailer hooked to the tractor.. I Β also use my flashlight taking Stewie for walks at night and to light up the lock to put the key in the door and any other locks..

My poor store loyalty key cards need replaced.. But they still work, if it’s not broke don’t fix it, right ? πŸ˜„

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13 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

  1. Just as a heads up to those who might not know, it’s not good to have a weighted keychain hanging from your ignition switch, whether its a key or a fob.. I use only a single key in the switch and the keychain in my pocket.. The picture of my keys in the ignition were only to give the keychain a sexy (lol) pose.. The weight of a dangling keychain jangling down the road can wear on the inside of your switch and be a costly replacement..


    1. I have another keyring with more of my life dangling on it.. I might should’ve used it because it has memories hanging on it too.. And a cute plastic teddy bear ! πŸ˜„

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