Dan’s Flash Fiction Challenge

This was the same place again without knowing how he ends up here.. I didn’t believe him of course, his story is quite insane.. But, what if it was true ?

I’d be tempted to make him a prisoner in my basement.. Not forever, just long enough to make it rich..  I’d even use some of my fortune to help him find out why this is happening to him, compensation for his tips..

Maybe even go with him.. He is unusual, it’s attractive somehow but I’m not sure why, not handsome, yet his poise and features draw my attention more than any man ever has..

My daily routine was turned upside down a month ago when I saw him naked, sitting on the ground against my whitewashed retaining wall.. As a successful 25 yr old woman living alone, I did the unthinkable, I grabbed a sheet and walked out there to find out why he was in my yard..

“Excuse me, why are you in my yard naked” ? He looked terribly confused and alarmed, sitting on the cold ground with his hands covering his manhood from the elements and my view.. He didn’t look up at me until he had the sheet wrapped around himself like a toga..

 “I- I- I-am so sorry, what IS this place ???  His hazel eyes expressed genuine bewilderment..  Whatever his story was going to be, I had no doubt he believed it..

It was cold outside and I once again surprised myself by asking him inside for coffee and reassuring him I’d help him..

On the way inside, I thought of the naked peculiarities about him.. His hair was like soft silver peach fuzz, I wanted to feel it but resisted the urge.. And it’s probably the hair but his head looks oddly shaped like a lightbulb, not too badly but noticable.. There’s not one wrinkle on him and his pores are so tiny, I wonder if he can perspire..  His age, seems to be a 20 something.. Upper body muscles are well defined.. Below the hips he’s slender with good muscle tone but not defined, making him a bit out of proportion..

“Do you want cream and sugar” ? The “no thank you” was pleasant enough as I put a fresh cup of coffee on the table for him but the look on his face was like I offered him sardines to stir in his coffee.. I reminded myself that he was probably lost and supposed to be under supervision somewhere as I silently sat at the table facing him, doctoring my coffee up with sugar and cream..

“What is this place ? Is this part of Dr. Toolie’s sleep therapy? ” .. ” I don’t know any Dr. Toolie, were you in a sleep session and maybe sleep walked out the door when no one was looking ” ?.. ” No, that’s not possible, this place is not possible”..

” Why do you think this place is not possible” ? ” It isn’t, nothing is right here and um, you are..um.. unusual too, I’m sorry, I don’t mean that offensively”..

I could tell I should be offended, maybe scared too but my curiosity to know what crazy idea was in his lightbulb shaped head won out..

“Start from the beginning, we’ll figure this out, who is Dr. Toolie ?”.. “My sleep therapist, he wanted me to try the wall method at home again but in the morning this time”.. “What exactly is that ?”.. “Sitting in my bed staring at the wall I painted pure white until I fall asleep”.. “Does it work sometimes ?”.. “Not at home, I always end up, out there, sitting with my back against that white stone wall but in his therapy room, I fall asleep”.. “You’ve been in my yard before, how many times ?”

I could see him ever so slightly vibrating, not shaking but his whole body began to vibrate, he looked terrified and ran out the back door, with my sheet still wrapped around him.. I wasn’t sure what was right to do but I sat there stunned by my eventful morning and gave him a few minutes before following him outside.. It wasn’t like he could run out into traffic.. The 12ft stone walls are smooth.. The tree by the pond is too far away from the walls to jump to.. My perfect backyard sanctuary can only be escaped by the back door..  At least I thought so until I was shocked to find only my sheet on the ground at the white wall..

That was Saturday morning.. Yesterday morning I peeked in the yard and began wondering if I dreamed it all up.. Until this morning when I was weeding around my oak tree by the pond.. I had to steady myself on the trunk to not fall down as I read the carving in the tree..

War ends world 2020

Bio virus attack U.S.

Invest hydrogas b4 2017

Escape to dallas tx


On the ground in the sharp landscape stones of my tree were the wood chips from the carving..

I have $20,000 in my savings, am I delusional or did a man vibrate from the future through my white stone wall ? I’m going to take a picture of this, just in case it disappears like he did.. There was a news blurb on tv about some crazy hydrogen gas discovery claim recently.. But I shrugged it off as a scam like the talking heads did.. Maybe I should look into it.. Dallas is awfully hot I hear.. But maybe I should go visit Texas, just to see if I’d like it..

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14 thoughts on “Dan’s Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. Pan, I like your story. I always intend to enter these challenges but don’t seem to get around to it. I visited your site because I hadn’t seen a post for a while. I must have missed this one. I’m glad you’re still blogging. Buddy says purrrrrrr and meoooow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ! And I wish you would, your talent would add to the fun and humor 👍
      If Buddy could talk I think he’d still have you write his script..


    1. Thank you Allan !!! I don’t know how a “real” author’s mind travels while writing a story but mine is in the story, seeing it and feeling it while it happens in my imagination .. I enjoy writing because I get to write how I want it to progress.. I’m thrilled when anyone enjoys my imagination with me 😊


  2. Lol, after I put up my opening line in the challenge, I was surprised it made the cut, so figured I’d try and use it.. So I based it on another story that my dad wrote years ago he called The Wall.. It was about a man who found himself transported thru a white wall because of insomnia, told in first person.. But that’s where the similarities of both stories end..
    This story I wrote is about a woman that finds a man alien to the surroundings and even people here.. In my mind, as I wrote, all the questions got answered.. Which I think would be a book instead of a short story if I wrote it all out.. I’m thrilled that it captured your imagination enough to mull the loose ends over 😊
    I left all the clues to finding the answers to the details of my version.. Or the reader could imagine a new version with those same clues..
    You made my day with your comment Osyth, thank you !


    1. Yaay !!!! Those words are sweet nectar for my eyes to read Kerry !!!!
      If it happened in real life I be terrified and probably end up in an asylum 😨
      I’m tickled you enjoyed it 😊

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  3. Way to go you! Your story is compelling. I want to make sense of it but I can’t … this is the point as your reader. I don’t know what is going on any more than your protagonist does. She is bewildered. So am I. She is remembering snippets – I am hearing snippets. Fractured and confused she is recounting what happened like a mantra. She remembers fine details to assure herself that this was real. That she herself is not going out of her mind. Some of your descriptions are really excellent. Overall I enjoyed the story – I want to understand. I want clarity. This is a good place to leave me because I will continue to turn the story over and over as I try to find that certainty. Chapeau to you – this is good 🙂

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