This precarious porta potty sitting on an angle at this construction site, caught my eye for this week’s oddball challenge.. I don’t like using them anyhow but this one would take a balancing act performance to use..

To top it off the ground is pretty soft and loose on the site.. And about 300 feet from the edge of the parking lot in the picture are perfectly good heated bathrooms with sinks to wash your hands too, in the truckstop I’m parked at.. No way would I use a porta potty with bathrooms close by πŸ˜‚ Especially one that looks like it could tip over while using it..

Come see other entries at COBΒ and maybe enter one yourself !


    1. Especially that one Cee πŸ˜„
      My luck would be the soft ground caving in and tipping the potty over right in the middle of doing “business” πŸ˜’

      I suffer from a condition I coined.. ..publicpottiphobia..

      I touch nothing with my bare hands in a public bathroom, except, tp, water, soap and papertowels.. I go thru a lot of papertowels from entrance to exit..


    1. All these crappy comments..

      I’m honored and dazed..

      “Flushed” with embarrassment of such poopy praise..

      Butt of a joke am I proud to be,

      So much so, I now have to pee..

      Cee’s challenges are fun, as I frantically roam..

      Pardon me now, I must rush to the throne..

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