Happiness is Great BBQ

I didn’t plan on it.. I was going to shop for and make that awesome vegan plate I reblogged yesterday.. After working all day on the van and my property, I was tired.. And the grocery store was crowded as it is any Sunday, late afternoon up here.. Soooo, change of plans.. 😉

Moe’s Original BBQ  in Bangor, Maine is the best bbq in New England, in my opinion..

Just look at that rack of ribs ! Meaty, juicy, smoky and fall off the bone tender 😍

They don’t serve them drowned in bbq sauce.. In fact there is only a drizzle on them.. With bbq sauce on the side and is medium spicy hot and sweet.. I sparingly use it since I don’t do hot spice well and enjoy the smoked meat being the dominant flavor anyhow..

At the top of the carton, is 2 big pieces of  cornbread (that type of bread I keep insisting I dislike).. And it has tiny pieces of jalapeño and onion in it 😂 .. The young woman who took my order promised it’s only spicy, not hot.. I was having trust issues on the drive back to my truck.. In the end, I tried it and liked it ! It wasn’t hot, ( The cashier’s word is now gold) and was moist, sweet and a slight jalapeño taste without the heat.. heavenly..

I ordered the ribs for two, getting a rack (12 very meaty ribs), 2 sides and the cornbread all included..  I ate half the ribs, 1 piece of cornbread and half of one of the sides..  This will be great on Tuesday when I finish it up 👍

Moe’s is at the Broadway exit of I-95 in Bangor.. Go west and it’s about 1/4 mile on your left.. Go in the second entrance marked in.. This is a one way driveway that loops around the building.. If you are in a semi or large rv, skip this and go to Dysarts truckstop at the Coldbrook Road exit just south of Bangor, in Hermon, Me. Both these places serve great food.. Dysarts being only of a handful left of the truckstops that have great food..  If you go to either one or have been already, please give a comment on your experience and thoughts 😊

5 thoughts on “Happiness is Great BBQ

    1. He loved the part of the bones I gave him.. I don’t give him the brittle end. He was laying on the floor all relaxed and quiet while I ate.. The only way you’d know how badly he wanted some was by the drool that was like a faucet running 😂

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