Key West Pinks Shrimp Salad

While for my taste the Northeast have the best beef, the South has the best pork and at the Southernmost part of Florida the sweetest, best large shrimp.  Once you try a Key West Pink you will never want any other kind


• 1 lb. Key West Pinks shrimp (or large shrimps, if you must:)
• 1 TBSP Potlatch or Old Bay Seasoning
• 1/3 cup water
• 1/3 cup white vinegar
For the salad:
• 1/4 cup mayonnaise
• salt, to taste (pinch or more)
• 1 celery stalk, chopped finely
• a squeeze of lemon
• Potlatch or Old Bay seasoning, to taste
1. Steam shrimp in large pot with water, vinegar and Potlatch for 2 -3 minutes. Drain and set aside to chill. Peel and devein shrimp, then chop and place in large mixing bowl.
2. To chopped shrimp add mayo (start with 1/4 cup, add more if needed), celery, salt and lemon. Gently combine and sprinkle a bit of Potlatch to shrimp mixture and taste. Add more salt or Potlatch, if needed.
3. Enjoy alone on a bed of lettuce OR as a delicious sandwich on mini croissants (my favorite), hard rolls or marble rye bread with shredded lettuce and sliced tomato. note: for extra decadence add a slice of crisp bacon and a slice of avocado to your sandwich.

3 thoughts on “Key West Pinks Shrimp Salad

    1. Sure, though I like mayo better for my personal taste. However, to me cooking is all about making the person eating happy. I probably have at least three different versions of everything I make just to make the people who will be dining at my table happy:)

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