Japanese-style Green Pepper Steak




3-4 large green peppers, sliced into long wide strips

3/4-1 pound thinly sliced beef
(“Chipped” steak), rolled
up jelly roll-style and then
sliced into thin strips. This
is most easily done when
beef is still partially frozen.

1 can Campbell’s Beef Broth

1 heaping TBSP cornstarch

Tamari sauce, to taste
(or soy sauce and a little Mirin)


In a wok or sauté pan drizzled with peanut or canola oil, sauté green peppers just until they start to brown, remove to a plate and immediately sauté the beef in the pan you cooked the peppers just until the meat is no longer red. Re-add the peppers to the pan. Mix the cornstarch with the beef broth and add to the pan, stirring constantly until it starts to thicken. Start adding splashes of Tamari sauce until you get the flavor strength/saltiness desired. Serve over Sticky Rice (made with short grain or sushi rice) or your favorite white rice.

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