My Favorite Cuban Meal

-Mojo Roast Pork with black beans & rice  and tostones
This is my FAVORITE Cuban dish! When you cannot make it down Key West way to dine on some of the finest Cuban food from places like El Meson de Pepe’s, El Siboney, Cuban Coffee Queen or Tina’s Cuban Cafe then it’s good to know it’s pretty easy to prepare at home. Cook it up and serve with a side of black beans & rice and pan-fried plantains but make sure you reserve a few slices for a Miami-style Cuban Mix Sandwich the next day.

– 2 pounds boneless pork shoulder roast
– Mojo Marinade (You can buy a mojo marinade at the grocery store) OR make it yourself.
Mojo Marinade ingredients:
– 10 cloves of garlic, minced
– 1 onion, minced
– 2 teaspoons sea salt
– 1 teaspoon oregano
– 1 cup olive oil
– 2 cups orange juice
– 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
– 1/2 cup fresh lime juice
– 1 cup fresh grapefruit juice

Mix all ingredients for mojo together in a large bowl.
Pierce the pork all over several times with a fork and place in a one gallon food storage bag. Pour mojo marinade over pork in bag. Marinate at least 4 hours or better, overnight.
Preheat oven to 325F degrees.
Place pork and marinade in a roasting pan, fat side up.
Roast pork in oven about two hours or until done. Make sure pork does not dry out by occasionally basting it with the marinade from the pan.
Remove from oven and cover with tin foil while the meat rests for about 10 minutes before you slice it or shred it with a fork and knife.

(Note: You can also cook your pork in a slow cooker on low for 6 hours, if you prefer.)

For the Cuban Black Beans and Rice, I buy Vigo brand. Easy-Peasy & delicious.


(Fried Green Plantains)


4 bright green plantains
Canola or Peanut oil

Heat oil in deep skillet or frying pan.
Slice plantain skin to peel, then cut plantain flesh into thick slices. Place plantains in a single layer into hot oil, and fry until golden, flipping only once. Remove one at a time, and immediately slightly smash with the your spatula or bottom of a drinking glass.
After all plantains are fried and smashed, return to hot oil and fry 1 minute more on each side.
Remove, salt liberally, and serve.

Watch out, these are highly addictive. I sometimes like making a mini batch of mojo sauce and dip tostones in it.

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Cuban Meal

    1. Just a warning: do not be tempted to taste a green plantain flesh raw. They taste awful and will suck every ounce of moisture out of your mouth. The tranformation they go through during cooking is amazing. After frying, they are as addictive as potato chips.

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  1. It’s funny, I once tried plantains thinking that it’d be like bananas.. Never tried them since.. I know they’re fried, hope that makes a big difference.. Regardless whether I like them or not, this recipe sounds awesome and tiny kitchen approved !

    Liked by 1 person

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