Tales From A Cookbook Junkie: Daisy Cooks!


A cookbook full of all the best recipes from Daisy Martinez’s PBS show.  I remember buying this cookbook right away in 2005 directly from the author’s website.  I used this cookbook so many times the pages are starting to fall out.  First and foremost favorite recipe is her “Twenty-Minute Shellfish with Parsley-Garlic Sauce” which I adapted for my family’s taste.  But Daisy’s  garlicky original is still the best.  Here you’ll also find the best ever recipe for a Mexican Flan.  Be sure to follow her suggestion of using Nestle’s Crema instead of sour cream for a silky smooth custard.

Love, also, she gives you photos for many of her finished meals and a source list for some of the harder to find ingredients she uses in her recipes. This cookbook is all about wonderful Latin flavors without the heat!



8 thoughts on “Tales From A Cookbook Junkie: Daisy Cooks!

  1. Oh good. Both Cuban sandwiches, the Tampa and Miami versions are delicious. I’ll post how to make the Miami Cuban Mix after you post Dad’s Tampa-style Cuban. Win-Win whichever version you’re eating!

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  2. I think the sign of a good cookbook is for the pages to be creased and spattered with food and in danger of falling out. Because a cookbook is to be used not admired on a shelf … I collect them and was once forced to part with 9 packing cases full in 2010. I have been working my way back to my confort zone ever since. I now have to find a copy of this and add it!

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    1. Actually this cookbook covers a wide range of Latin cooking. There is some Mexican, Cuban, Brazillian, etc. but, mostly recipes from Daisy’s Puerto Rican background.
      That was one thing that surprised me where Mexican is a lot about the heat, Cuban and Puerto Rican food is more about garlic, onion and spices.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Kindle/Nook version.

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      1. I hope so..
        Dad is going to put together Cuban sandwiches when I get home later in the week and I’ll be posting his recipe and pictures of how they were made in Tampa when he was growing up.. 😊

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