Cuban Coffee – Cortadito

1 cup of water
8 tablespoons of finely ground Cuban Coffee (Cafe Bustelo, Pilon, etc)
8 – 12 tablespoons of Demerara sugar (or sugar in the raw)
2 cups of hot milk

Put the coffee into the Espresso filter basket in your espresso maker along with 1 cup of cold water into the bottom canister.

Screw the top spout on tight and plug in your electric espresso maker or place your manual espresso maker directly on the burner on medium heat for a nice slow steep.

While the coffee is steeping pour sugar into some sort of glass container (2-cup Pyrex measuring cup works nicely) that has a spout on it and as soon as the coffee brews  1/4 cup of the coffee , pour it into the glass container and whisk furiously until it becomes a creamy light brown sugary paste.

Once the sugar and coffee is mixed and the coffee is finished brewing, pour the remaining amount of coffee into the glass container and heat up the milk. Fill up half the amount of your coffee cup with the hot milk and the other half with your Cuban coffee sugar mixture.
Enjoy its strong, sweet, creamy heavenly goodness in a cup☕️

6 thoughts on “Cuban Coffee – Cortadito

  1. This sounds amazing. As Pan says, like a wake-me-up dessert! I generally drink coffee black and sugarless (sans lait sans sucre as the French say – always with a heavy question mark after as they are un-used to unsweetened coffee) – sometimes I have a petit but mostly an alongé which means elongated but translates to a larger cup. My great treat is a latte but this sounds so much more and I must give it a try when I am not trying to lose the cake pounds gained whilst staying with my mum!

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    1. Hello Osythe!
      It is pretty yummy but I, also, love both Cuban and Italian espressos without sugar, as well; and if in the mood for a lighter cup, I’ll make an Americano, 1part hot water to 1part espresso or for another real treat, I like a Cappuccino (espresso with frothed, steamed milk floated on top and dusted lightly with cinnamon).
      Hmmm, sounds like I’m coffee & cookbook obsessed, lol.

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  2. This is my favorite specialty coffee. The very best place to go for it is Cuban Coffee Queen its where I can order a cup of this deliciousness and walk around Key West Bight taking in The Gulf waterfront vistas.

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  3. 😣 When my combo coffee/expresso/latte/cappuccino maker quit, I replaced it with a single serve Keurig..
    I love it but miss my cappuccinos and the versatility..
    The coffee sounds like a wakeup dessert 😊

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