Another great restaurant in Southampton, Pennsylvania, a suburb near Philadelphia.  This little unassuming restaurant located in a mini shopping center serves the best vegetarian (vegan on request) food I have ever eaten!  The Spinach Fresco salad and  Blue Corn Asparagus Tacos are just a couple of must-try items on their varied menu.  The desserts are awesome, especially the Chocolate Ganache Torte with Raspberries.  Just as surprising is the French cafe atmosphere you are transported to inside, brimming with people from all walks of life, dining on little edible masterpieces (the chef stages his dishes to perfection), savoring their  coffee and tea brews while listening to Edith Piaf, Dave Brubeck or some other wonderful jazz pop muscian played just loud enough to notice but low enough to enjoy conversation with friends.  A lovely place to “do lunch”!

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  1. About 5 or so miles apart. The Blue Sage is on Second Street Pike in-between Bristol Road in Churchville and Street Road in Southampton. The Buck Hotel is at the corner of Buck Road and Bridgetown Pike near Street Road in Trevose.

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    1. Its been so long since I’ve been in the area.. You wouldn’t think I’d forget.. But most of my stomping grounds were below Brownsville rd off street rd.. I always came up the backroads to see you 😄


  2. Oh wow! This sounds like exactly what I need in my life! At some point I will drive to Baltimore to see my cousin and his family …. looking at the map it seems eminently possible that I can drop in and immerse myself in a little bit of home from home 🙂

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    1. Sis, I’ve never been there, will you check google maps to see if gps directions are correct ? If they aren’t, please post the directions from 95.. I’d hate for Osyth and Company to be wandering aimlessly on Bucks County backroads 😂

      I’d have to get that Torte, it sounds perfect for a choco fix 😮

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