Black and Tan


8 ounces Guinness Golden (or other pale ale)
8 ounces Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (or other dark stout)

Pour the Guinness into a pint glass or other large glass. Invert a soup spoon and hold it just above the surface of the Guinness, then slowly pour the stout on top. It’s tricky, but if you do it just right you will have a black and tan drink. If not, oh well, it still tastes good.

9 thoughts on “Black and Tan

    1. It’s so funny how our tastes can change as we get older. In my 20’s I hated all beer. In my 30’s, decided a very icy cold pale lager, namely Rolling Rock, tastes good on a very hot day with picnic food and pizza. In my 40’s discovered micro-breweries, like River Horse Brewery in Lambertville, NJ and that I really rather liked heavier beers.
      Then in my 50’s, after tasting my first perfectly pulled Guinness, a fan for life.☘

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