Low Country Boil


2 TBSP Potlatch Seasoning
(Williams Sonoma is great!)
2 teaspoons salt
2 quarts water
2 bottles/cans lager beer
(12 ounce size)
4 Large red potatoes,
scrubbed, rinsed & quartered
4 ears fresh corn, shucked
and cut in half
1 pound large shrimp in shells
1 pound Littleneck Clams, soaked for 10 minutes in
cold water, rinsed & drained
1/2 pound Mussels, soaked in
cold water, de-bearded, rinsed
and drained

In an soup pot or dutch oven, bring Potlatch seasoning, salt, water and beer to boil on high heat. Add potatoes. Cook 13 minutes.
Add corn. Continue to cook 7 minutes. Add seafood. Cook 4 minutes or until the majority of clam & mussel shells open up (any shellfish that don’t open,
always discard).
Drain and, in low country tradition, dump contents in the center of a paper-covered picnic table (or into a few big serving bowls, if you prefer.) Sprinkle additional Potlatch over the top and have at it… YUM

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