Tales From A Cookbook Junkie: The Cake Bible


Rose Levy Beranbaum

No truer title could have been picked. This book is every cake baker and especially, cake baker-to-be’s must have. All her recipes are excellent but, what I think makes this book shine is that it tells in great detail the science behind what makes each type of cake type a genoise vs. a fudge cake vs. a poundcake vs. an angel food, vs. chiffon, etc. After reading this cookbook you will be able to create your own unique cakes because you will know that proper proportion of fat, liquid, sugar, eggs, etc. for the type of cake you want to create. This cookbook, also, contains dozens of master recipes for cake pastry fillings and frostings from this wonderful, talented Cordon Bleu chef.

5 thoughts on “Tales From A Cookbook Junkie: The Cake Bible

  1. Ohhhhh Two Brains is moaning methinks, Osyth 😂

    My sis specifically asked me to add this section of the blog..

    Sis, you really added a new dimension here all your own.. ❤


  2. You have no idea how good this series of yours is for me – I had to leave most of my cookbooks in Europe (though I managed to smuggle a couple and have added since) … this is like stepping through the doors of http://www.booksforcooks.com/ in Notting Hill, London … an experence I guarantee would enhance your life 🙂

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      1. It’s the shop that inspired Hugh Grants shop in Notting Hill … his was travel books but the location is exactly there. Enjoy – I absolutely love it 🙂

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