Beef Burgundy Over Buttered Egg Noodles


2 TBSP Olive Oil (plus a little more for sautéing the onions and mushrooms)

3 Onion, thin sliced
1 lb. Baby Portabella or Kennett
Square/White mushrooms, stems removed and mushrooms sliced
3 lbs. Chuck, Sirloin or Round
beef cubes
1 tsp. sea salt
1 TBSP Herbs de Provence
1/4 cup Wondra flour
32 oz. beef broth
2 cups Burgundy wine


Put a little olive oil in a large frying pan. Add onions and mushrooms. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until onions start to caramelize. Remove onions and mushrooms to a bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator, you will be using them later. In the pan the vegetables were cooked brown the beef cubes on all sides. Mix flour in can of beef broth and then add it to the beef in pan along with the two tablespoons of olive oil. Sprinkle Herbs de Provence over the beef cubes. Then heat to boiling, stirring constantly. Cook at boiling for one more minute, then stir in the burgundy, cover and simmer for two hours or until the beef is fork tender. There should always be liquid covering the meat so, if necessary, add water, beef broth or a mixture of all three to keep the beef covered while simmering.
When beef is tender, take the onions and mushrooms from the refrigerator and add them to the beef in the pan.
Cook, stirring gently, until all is throughly heated. Serve over buttered and coarse black peppered egg noodles (or with oven-roasted baby red potatoes, if you rather), a side vegetable and a wonderful loaf of crusty artisan bread to suck up any extra gravy, YUM!

10 thoughts on “Beef Burgundy Over Buttered Egg Noodles

  1. Now you have my mouth watering… potatoes with heavy cream or cheese…mmmm either way
    Any chance of you sharing the recipe for gratin dauphinoise? 🍴

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  2. Mmmm boeuf bourgignan – one of my all time favourites and a rare moment when I am eager to eat red meat. The buttered noodles are a wonderful idea as accompagnement – I favour gratin dauphinoise (no cheese in the authentic dish) but it is hardly health food!

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    1. Please share Osyth, I want it too !
      I’ve always liked beef burgundy, I’ll have to try your version sis..

      Before cooking anything I have to get this burnt wire stink out of my truck.. it’s awful.. I have a mini carpet/upholstery machine in my van, can’t wait to get to the terminal to use it..

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      1. My truck caught fire Monday while I was driving, scared the daylights out of me.. Didn’t do Stewie any good either.. But we are safe and only lost food and time.. It was a costly tow, repair and hotel bill.. I feel bad for the company I work for.. I was towed Friday and the starter was replaced.. The service man on Monday said the other repair shop didn’t run the wires correctly to the batteries and messed up my apu (generator) wiring, which is what caught fire.. It wasn’t a flaming fire, I blew it out but the smoke was horrible.. The stink is starting to fade..

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      2. Yes it does.. But at least my damage restoration experience comes in handy to tackle it 😊

        Our safety man at work told me a truck on 78 in jersey went up in flames in just a few minutes after catching fire on Monday too..
        Had my fire been between the wall lining and outside wall or had anything flammable been ignited in the sidebox, mine would probably have been much much worse than a fire I could blow out..
        Years ago I had a brand new truck that I suddenly smelled smoke 5 minutes after turning on the heat in the bunk.. When the truck was manufactured, the person who mounted the control box drove a screw right thru a hot wire.. I turned off the heat before that caught a flame..


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