Tales From A Cookbook Junkie: The Margaritaville Cookbook

image.jpegTHE MARGARITAVILLE COOKBOOK       2000   by Olaf Nordstrom

-a birthday gift from my husband when we first visited Key West. If you really want to know how Jimmy Buffett makes his “Cheeseburger In Paradise” or just want a cookbook chock- filled with wonderful American Southern and Caribbean recipes, then this cookbook is for you!

Especially like:

Sailor Jack’s Popcorn, Jamaica Shake (a spiced coffee milkshake), real breakfast-style grits,  Conch Fritters, Shrimp Ceviche, Crab and Mango Salad, as well as his Cheeseburgers In Paradise, which is no simple burger but a conglomeration of chuck, sirloin, short rib meat, filet mignon and some suet.  Quite the gourmet burger! Finally, my fave recipe,  “The Blonde Stranger” which is basically a Bananas Foster bread pudding!

P.S.  I love how Olaf’s stories connect many of the recipes to Jimmy Buffet’s albums.  Great recipes and a good read, can’t ask any more than that from a cookbook.





7 thoughts on “Tales From A Cookbook Junkie: The Margaritaville Cookbook

  1. Now grits is where I came into this blog via the Wierd Guy (and his dog) …. so this looks like another book I would just love. As Pan knows, whilst I am here it is important to me to try and find as much authentic US food as I can. American South, American North, American East, West and Central I want to try it all …. just call me a greedy guts!

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