Elva and Lynz’s rolls

lynz real cooking

I have written several times about my mother’s Swedish mom, Elva. She was born on the 11th day and the 11th month in 1911, and was the eleventh child, thus the name Elva-11 in Swedish! She was a feisty lady who loved to cook and bake! I felt she was like a movie star and people came to visit her always raving about her sweet treats! She made cakes, pies, caramels and Swedish breads as well! But mostly I remember her Swedish cinnamon rolls and her maple bars.

When I was married and started doing allot of baking, I decided to try her famous cinnamon rolls. I used her recipe and followed the instructions carefully, taking them out of the oven when they were lovely and golden brown. The brown sugar and cinnamon aroma brought me back to Elva’s Swedish kitchen. I let them set for just a few moments…

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