Shots and Giggles

(next to Tattoos and Scars on Greene Street)

201 Ann Street
Key West, Florida

Located next door to each other, these two bars are both great places to sit back and just chill.
However, Shots and Giggles, is my personal favorite, has a huge selection of artisan beers, as well as, spirits.

People from all over the globe seem to gravitate to this little tucked-away bar near the corner of Greene Street on Ann Street.

Everyone is always full of fun and ready to chat and share their stories.

If you are an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan then this bar is really for you (a minor flaw I choose to overlook, lol)🏉

2 thoughts on “Shots and Giggles

  1. I’m such a “homer”. After 40+ years I will remain an Eagles, Phillies, Flyers fan no matter where I live:)

    BTW, the owner of Shots and Giggles used to work in the New Hope-Lambertville area before opening his own place here.


  2. I’d go just because I like the name of the place 😂

    Bonus points because they’re Steeler 😎 friendly.. The Eagles haven’t been my team for years now..


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