6 thoughts on “Tropical Troublemakers

  1. Actually, iguanas are a big problem in the lower keys. Biking up the Overseas Highway the 3′ + monsters sun themselves on the bike path. luckily they are more afraid of us than we are of them. I treat them with the same harmless disdain as I did squirrels and deer up North:)
    Iguanas have learned not to go anywhere the temps go under 50. Under 50, they go into auto-pilot hibernation mode no matter where they are but, if it gets closer to 45, they can die. I’ve been told it has actually “rained” dead iguanas up in the Miami area due to iguanas falling out of the trees.
    One funny story is of a man driving down the road one chilly day and picked up what he thought was a dead iguana by the road. He put it in the backseat of his car just to find out th iguana was only hibernating and awakened by the raise in body temperature from the car ride! Don’t know if this was just a tall tale but love my mental visual of the event๐Ÿ˜‚


  2. Like they say “beauty is only skin deep”. Bugger eats my Hibiscus or new Poinciana blooms I’ll be chasing him with a stick. See that photo I took of the iguana on out neighbor’s fence. He was after our neighbor’s beautifiul white frilly orchid. But they are scaredy cats, lightly tap their tail and they practically fly…hysterical…I know that’s awful but, if I catch one, by law, I am supposed to humanely euthanize all iguanas….not happening

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    1. I can’t help but laugh picturing you chasing lizards with a stick you wild woman ๐Ÿ˜‚
      What’s wrong with Fla ????? It’s not like they’re a danger like the out of control python population.. Does the iguana pose a threat to the ecology in some way ? By law you’re supposed to humanely euthanize them if you catch one.. Yet a man a few years back killed a gator to save a neighbor child and was fined for killing the gator.. Public pressure caused it to finally be dropped when he challenged the fine..

      The iguana probably enjoys playing this little eat and chase game with you.. At least you’re not trying to kill it and it probably knows it..

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      1. And another man lassoed a 5 ft gator and tied it to a fence to save a woman and her kids it was heading for.. Called police, they came out, took his story, called wildlife and fish and they had him cut the rope, gator took off in the retention pond, and then they gave him a fine for gator possession.. What they did next defys all logic, they called a gator hunter to get that gator and another one known to be in the pond.. A week later they still hadn’t caught either one..Don’t know if they ever did, that was in 2003..


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