Charlie Mac’s, Key West


404 Southard Street
Key West, Florida

-Key West Local’s favorite BBQ!

Charlie Mac’s serves up the best Key West barbecue, inspired by the sizzling pits of South Carolina. Charlie Mac’s owner is Philadelphia and Key West entrepreneur, Pat Croce.
Charlie Mac’s was named after Croce’s grandsons Charlie and Mac.

Just next to the legendary Green Parrot Bar and less than a block from Duval Street, Charlie Mac’s also features the best house barbecue sauces (especially good & my fave is their Carolina Yellow Mustard BBQ sauce, a must on their melt-in-your-mouth bbq brisket), two dozen beers on tap and live music. Step off the streets and into their cool airy open-air restaurant that celebrates Key West of old. Snap your mug on the infamous mugshot wall.

Local’s voted:
People’s Choice Award Winning Pork Belly Sliders! Smoked Pork Belly with a Spicy Mayo, Honey BBQ Sauce, Pickled Vegetables and Cilantro.

3 thoughts on “Charlie Mac’s, Key West

  1. Yeah, he sold the 76ers. I don’t know exactly what happened but he left on a sour note. In his Key West bar, The Rum Barrel, he pays homage to all Philadelphia sports, except the 76ers. There is only one item that is displayed, a signed Iverson jersey. On a side note, The Rum Barrel makes delicious Philly Cheesesteak spring rolls.
    These days Pat Croce is enjoying his passion for Pirates and sunken treasure.
    His Disney-designed Pirate Museum is a must see. We enjoyed a couple visits there when it was in Key West. It has been since relocated to an even better venue, St. Augustine, Florida.

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  2. I was a 76ers fan when he owned them, I met Ali Johnson (very nice 76er) and he gave me one of their bar logo glasses when we were steaming the office carpets at the original Civic Center and Vets stadium..
    My boss laughed when I donned the mascot head, but I took it off pretty quick because it smelled like old sweat inside 😂 It was really heavy too, my head bobbed back n forth as I tried to get a balance of it on my shoulders..

    Do you cook anymore with all the fantastic food almost at your doorstep ?


    1. Oh my gosh, croce was the team therapist at the time, the owner of the 76ers then was a man I didn’t like which we did the carpets in his mansion..


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