Slow Cooker Demerara-Honey Mustard Ham

-Last night I put dinner’s half ham in the slow cooker/crock pot on a very warm day instead of the oven to keep the house cool and actually made a tastier ham with an almost velvety texture!


5-8 lb. Bone-in Half Ham  (I bought Publix Brand)

1/4 cup Demerara sugar

4 TBPS Maille Coarse Ground Mustard

(Maille is the best, please don’t substitute)

1/4 cup Honey

(any honey will do but Eucalyptus or Palm honey will give you a buttery honey flavor)


Blend together the sugar, Maille mustard and honey to make a loose paste.

Totally cover the half ham’s rind

Place ham, flat side down in a slow cooker on high for a half hour. Then stand up (as if it were in a roasting pan) and put slow cooker on low heat. Continue to cook on low for about 2-3 hours, Occasionally flipping to different sides and basting with ham drippings.  Ham should register 160F degrees on a meat thermometer). All the while basting occasionally with the pan drippings.
Allow the ham to “rest” for 15 minutes before slicing.

12 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Demerara-Honey Mustard Ham

    1. Will be adding photos when I do prepare recipes I’ve posted when I can but, for now taking the time to get them typed up and ready to paste and post, and then the inevitable updates since I am a horrible proofreader:)

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      1. You and me both.. 😂 Typos must be a family trait..

        I know how you cook and present food, I truly believe you will add a bonus “WoW” factor with pictures..


  1. Yum – I can imagine this has the most melting texture. I cook mine differently … perhaps I will share the recipe some time. And the story of the dog that goes with it!

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    1. We have a childhood story of a pup with almost a whole ham 😂
      My job was to put leftovers away and scrap the dishes.. Sis would wash and dry them.. I had to *go* and told Dad I’d be right back.. The ham was huge so we didn’t even eat half of it.. I was only gone a few minutes.. Precious was alone with the ham.. My pup ate the whole ham and was gnawing on the bone.. I thought Dad would be so mad.. He actually laughed after he saw her cuteness, happily chewing on the bone.. He said it was ok because he knew I was only gone a few minutes.. We were all amazed she gobbled it up so fast, without a sound 😂 Precious always had a way of capturing hearts, that was her first act of many..

      I can’t wait to read yours !!!

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      1. I LOVE this story … A pup named Precious precociously pinches ham, young girl horrified and waiting for the furious father who responds with pure love and affection. Perfect 😘

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