Hamtastic Oven Eggs

This is an experiment I wanted to try.. Time and multitasking are always a juggle on the road.. And all tiny kitchens are a juggling act for workspace.. So how do I make Stewie’s food and let him eat, then clean his bowl and get him dressed to go outside, while my food is cooking?

Generally I can’t.. He is designated to the bunk while I prepare and cook my food on the stove.. The only exception is when I have something in the oven, which really frees me up to get other things done while the food cooks.. And gives him limited freedom for a bit..

Breakfast is time consuming if you’re making Β ham n eggs and requires a few things to wash afterwards.. Β No matter how streamlined you make the process..

πŸ’‘ But what if I could do it all in one pan all at one time ? I decided to try it.. And fed Stewie cleaned his bowl and wrote this post up to now..

This was the result..



It was pretty awesome too..

2 eggs

1 thick slice of sweet ham

a dash of nutmeg

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 slice american cheese

2 tbsp Butter ( I indulged myself )

1 single serve unsweetened Β pineapple tidbits

1 single serve unsweetened applesauce

Salt n pepper to taste

1 pie pan

1 spatula

1 plate

1 fork

And xtra time on your hands πŸ˜„

The pictures show how to place it in the pan, be sure to grease pan bottom and sides with your butter first and don’t add the cheese til the end of cooking time

Preheat oven to 400 f

Place pan in oven and set timer for 25 minutes.. Turn up to 450 and take out the pan and top eggs with cheese.. Pop back in for 5 minutes or til cheese is as desired.. Clean up is easy peasy πŸ˜„

I forgot to add that the yolks will be cooked, I don’t have toast for dippy eggs

But if you want your eggs over medium or over easy, cut the 25 minutes down to 10 or 8 minutes.. Next time I make this I hope I have bread or rolls because I’d throw it on the top rack at the last 5 minutes to make toast.. You’ll be surprised how much butter is left behind in the pan, more than enough to use for 2 slices of toast.. I used so much butter because it actually poached/fried the eggs and browned the ham edges like I hoped it would.. 😊

19 thoughts on “Hamtastic Oven Eggs

    1. Thanks much 😊
      I’m always trying to find easier ways but not sacrifice taste.. This is one of those times I am happy with the results 😁
      And the extra time to do other things while the stove does the cooking is a great bonus..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It remains to be seen. I am going to pare down every thing I use. Only the bare minimum. I thought of you as I was planning what to keep out. It’s what you do all the time. And, you make great stuff! So, it must be possible. We probably don’t need as much stuff as we think.

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      2. I guess it comes down to the average amount you normally cook.. Most all workspaces can be temporarily expanded for unusual feasts.. The oven depends on the largest item you will ever need to cook.. My convection toaster oven can do 2, 10 inch pizzas easily but not one 12 inch “anything” in any direction.. It can comfortably roast 4 to 5 lbs of meat roast or poultry, with room for veggies.. But a huge ham or turkey is a no go..
        Some appliances have multiple applications..
        George Forman is a panni makin, meat grillin, veggie roastin, quick kabob and bacon machine, when I find it handier or need to free up the oven or skillet for another part of the meal.. And I rarely have the need to use it πŸ˜‚ The oven and stove really are my most used cookers..
        My food chopper, chops, grinds, rices and makes the creamiest dips..
        My smoothie maker, makes great smoothies and does all the chopper does, except grind nuts, when I need larger amounts processed..
        My poor induction burner is not working.. I dont know if it’s the sine wave voltage from my inverter or if the machine is faulty, I have yet to hook it up to a dedicated outlet.. But I’ve been using my butane burner for years so its okay.. But I’d sure love to have that exact and even temp control and it’s programmable for multiple temp changes 😣

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      3. Its an adventure to have fun with and I hope you and your family will πŸ’›

        Your toaster oven is your friend.. your best friend..

        Walmart has a butane single burner similar to mine.. it takes up very little space, no assembly, easy to use and a great backup if the stove goes on the fritz or during a power outage..
        What I like most about it is that its the size of a single burner on a stovetop.. If you can find one where you are, I think you’d really like it, especially during a power outage..


      1. I don’t even know why I thought to add a dollop of applesauce but glad I did.. It seemed to sweetly tame the tang of pineapple.. And I ate the rest of both single serve fruits too while breakfast was cooking itself 😊
        I discarded the butter left in the pan and figure it was a pretty balanced breakfast.. A bit heavy on the meat portion, 1/3 lb, but my gosh that ham was delicious ! Just glad I don’t have cholesterol control problems.. I rarely eat portions that big anymore and have cut way back on meat and butter.. It really was a meal of indulgences.. 😁


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