Caroline’s Cafe



310 Duval St
Key West, Florida

Caroline’s is the perfect “people-watching” location on Duval Street if you dine outside on their raised patio, seated streetside. But if “people-watching” is not your thing or its just a very tropical kind of day, there is also an indoor, air-conditioned dining room.

Yummiest Shrimp Po’ Boys, big enough to easily split with your significant other or a friend. While this is my go-to place for a shrimp po’ boy all their food is very good and the portions are large, with huge salad portions bordering on the ridiculous.
At Caroline’s Cafe you’ll be able to be laid back and feel You’re-In-Conch-Neat-O❗️

3 thoughts on “Caroline’s Cafe

  1. inConchneato.. My berry punny sis 😜
    You know I used to go to the mall with a friend just to people watch.. Best entertainment and free..
    Your kids and I would do that too, pretty much anywhere.. 😁
    I wasn’t around much, but when I was, they seemed to enjoy their bad influence of an Aunt.. 😉

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    1. They were young and didn’t know any better….bazinga😆.
      Actually, being someone’s aunt probably is the most enviable position of family heirarchy. Aunts are usually young enough to relate to their nieces and nephews, so they are listened to without eye-rolling attitude; & Aunts don’t have to discipline. Just get to enjoy each other❤️

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      1. Oh, they eye rolled me but it was when I’d make a corny pun or joke.. I don’t know what they were eye rollin me for, they were just as bad me 😂

        Do you remember the story we came back with from New Hope ? How “the boy” was startled witless by the woman in the storefront display window ? She made such a subtle eye contact with “the girl” and I, that he didn’t notice the flash communication that she wasn’t a mannequin.. He got closer to the window, peering into her unblinking eyes.. And “the girl” and I somehow kept straight faces while agreeing with him when he said,
        “She looks SO real”.. Then whenthey were just inches apart from each other thru the glass, she suddenly animated with a very booming, “BOO !!! “sending the poor “boy” running and yelling down the street.. I had tears running down my cheeks, so did “the girl” and the not mannequin lady with a wicked fun sense of humor.. “The boy” laughed himself to tears too after catching his breath and wits again 😂
        I was a good bad Aunt or a bad good Aunt, not sure which fits better 😄

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