Tales From A Cookbook Junkie: A Continual Feast




by Evelyn Birge Vitz

-This cookbook was lovingly given to me from my husband’s mother back in the days we ran church suppers together. Though there are several great recipes in this cookbook, my favorite thing about this cookbook was how it takes you through the entire Christian Year holiday history (listing traditional foods and recipes) Starting from Advent and Christmas, to Lent, to Easter, to Pentecost, to Thanksgiving; as well as, feasts honoring saints and other special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Carnival, Mardi Gras and All Souls Day and many, many more feast days I didn’t even know existed.

Handwritten in all my cookbook covers you can usually find my favorite recipes; in this book I
noted the following “likes”
-Plum Pudding
-Epiphany Cake
-Greek Palm Sunday Baked Fish
-Good Friday Hot Cross Buns
plus one notation that made me laugh out loud:
“Goose with Fruit Stuffing – WHATTA MESS, NEVER MAKE THIS AGAIN!”

5 thoughts on “Tales From A Cookbook Junkie: A Continual Feast

  1. This book is still available, at least in paperback, on Amazon. This is their bio of the author and this book…
    “Evelyn Birge Vitz is Professor of French and director of Medieval and Renaissance Studies at New York University, and has published widely on medieval and renaissance literature and literary theory.
    Product Description
    A cookbook full of wonderful recipes and ideas drawn from throughout the Christian tradition, with suggestions about when, and why, these dishes might be served. It contains more than 275 recipes with which to celebrate all the holidays throughout the Christian year, as well as the many shared rituals that strengthen family bonds and enrich the significance of the day to day events of our lives. How these rituals, rites and feasts came about, how they are celebrated around the world, and how you can bring them into your home are described every step of the way. Includes wonderful illustrations.”

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  2. I love marking feast days with a special meal and I love books based on that idea. Nigella’s Feast is excellent but, as she is an avid book collector, I have a sneaking suspicion that her book could be based on the one you have.


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