Papa Hemingway’s Burger

this is more of a historical note than a recommended recipe. I prefer a much simpler burger (80/20 ground chuck sprinkled with Montreal Steak Seasoning, seared crisp on the outside, pink on the inside over a charcoal grill) however, if you are a fan of Unami, this burger may be perfect for you….


-1 lb. ground lean beef
-2 cloves, minced garlic
-2 small green onions, finely chopped
-1 heaping tsp of India Relish
-2 tablespoons, capers
-1 heaping tsp, sage
-1/2 tsp Spice Islands Beau Monde Seasoning
_1/2 tsp Spice Islands Mei Yen Powder**
-1 egg, beaten in a cup with a fork
1/3 cup dry red wine.
-1 tablespoon cooking oil


Break up the meat with a fork and scatter the garlic, onion and dry seasonings over it, then mix them into the meat with a fork or your fingers. Let meat “rest” for ten minutes.
After ten minutes, add and gently blend in the relish, capers, egg and wine. Let the meat “rest” another ten minutes. Shape into one-inch thick patties. The patties should be soft in texture but not runny. Heat the oil in your frying pan hot but not smoking. Drop the patties in the hot oil and then turn the heat down and fry the burgers about four minutes. Take the pan off the burner and turn the heat high again. Flip the burgers over, put the pan back on the hot fire, then after one minute, turn the heat down again and cook another three minutes. Both sides of the burgers should be crispy brown and the middle pink and juicy.
** Note:
Spice Islands discontinued its production of Mei Yen Powder years ago; here’s how to recreate it:

9 parts salt
9 parts sugar
2 parts MSG

If a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon Mei Yen Powder, use 2/3 tsp of the dry recipe (above) mixed with 1/8 tsp of soy sauce

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