A God In Ruins and a Far Breton.

A great book review; this will definitely be on my summer’s reading list!
Thank you for The Far Breton recipe…sounds awesome!

‘For the rest of his life he would be able to close his eyes and conjure up the sight and smell of the food he had eaten in France- he had relished the oily garlickyness of the stews, the artichoke leaves dipped in butter, the oeufs en cocotte– eggs baked in the oven inside huge beef tomatoes. A saddle of roasted lamb quilted with cloves of garlic and sprigs of rosemary, a work of art. These were tastes that were foreign- in every way-to the bland English palate. Cheese, sour and strong; the desserts: flaugnarde with peaches, clafouti with cherries, tarte aux noix and tarte aux pommes and a Far Breton – a kind of prune custard tart that to the end of his life he dreamed about eating again and never did.’

Profoundly affecting and masterful were phrases I considered using to describe A God In Ruins by

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