Simple, Tasty, Quick Guest Offerings That Won’t Crush Your Budget…

Lebanon Bologna, Cream Cheese & Horseradish Pinwheels


1 lb. Seltzer’s Lebanon bologna,
thinly sliced
1 pkg. (8 oz.) Philadelphia
Cream Cheese
1 jar fresh ground hot
horseradish (you will be
adding this to taste)

Throughly blend cream cheese with as much horseradish to your liking but not so much that the mixture loses a creamy, spreadable texture.
Spread one side of each slice of Lebanon bologna with the cream cheese/horseradish mixture. Starting from one side, roll up each slice of bologna, jellyroll-style, as tightly as you can without “squishing” the filling. Lay your rolls on a platter, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least ten minutes. When ready to put out for guests, with a sharp knife, cut into bite-sized pinwheels and arrange on a plate alone or with other appetizers.


Cheddar Cheese and Green Olive Finger Sandwiches


8 oz. Cabot Seriously Sharp
Cheddar Cheese,
1 jar manzanilla olives, sliced or
chopped (or green olive
salad, to save time)
Pepperidge Farm Family Style
Thin-sliced bread, 1 loaf


Blend together cheddar cheese and sliced olives with just enough mayonnaise to hold everything together but, also, able to spread the mixture.
Spread mixture on one slice of bread, top with another slice of bread, cut off crusts and cut into fours or in decorative shapes. Repeat until all bread is used.


Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs


-1 angel food cake, cut into
large bite-size chunks, about
1 1/2 inches (or a large
poundcake, if you prefer)
-1 qt. strawberries, ripe
-1 bag Ghirardelli white
chocolate chips, melted
-mini wooden skewers


Rinse strawberries and cut off tops. Set aside, to dry on paper towels.
Slide a strawberry, then a cake piece, followed by another strawberry on each skewer. Strawberries (points facing out on each end) will keep everything in place on the skewer. Place finished kabobs on parchment paper.
Drizzle all kabobs with melted white chocolate. Refrigerate for half hour, before serving.

6 thoughts on “Simple, Tasty, Quick Guest Offerings That Won’t Crush Your Budget…

  1. The Lebanon bologna will be hard for people to find if they live outside the areas its distributed.. Pa and NJ it can be found easily.. There’s even Sweet Lebanon bologna put out by the same company that I like even better.. I can’t think of any good substitutes for either one except maybe salami, but without the sweetness, it’s just not the same.. Sis have you found it down in the Keys ???
    The strawberry kabobs sound fun and would look great.. I’d use the pound cake..


    1. Yep, definitely showing my age with these pickups that our mothers’ mothers even made but, as the old adage goes… everthing old becomes new againπŸ˜‰

      Liked by 2 people

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