Mister Softee

We really did live for that sound on a hot summer’s day😄🍦


It’s the jingle heard in every neighborhood, and it hasn’t changed since the 1950’s.

I got stuck behind a Mister Softee ice cream truck on the way to a local park. I didn’t mind, I was smiling the whole time, mostly at the childhood memories.

In some neighborhoods that we’ve lived over the years, its popularity was in decline. Many homes have ice cream treats in their own freezer.

Vintage Truck Vintage Truck. Pinterest.

But in the 1950’s, that soft ice cream was special. Everyone, and I mean everyone, ran to the street and got in line. I believe the cones were about 10 cents at the time.

It didn’t matter that they often came in the early evening on a hot summer night, sometimes during family dinner hour.

We all waited, we all begged. Parents fought the good fight, but we usually won.

Living 30 miles west of Philadelphia, we might…

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