Tales From A Cookbook Junkie: Woman’s Day Encyclopedia of Cookery


1966, 1974

-prepared and edited by the Editors of Woman’s Day
Eileen Tighe, Evelyn Grant,
Marie Roberson Hamm and
Isabel Cornell
Also, with the absolute best
cookbook photography ever
under Harold Sitterle and
Ben Calvo

-My mother’s, taped together and well-used second edition (the first edition was the best due to the wonderful photography and artwork but, literally fell apart after I acquired & abused it😞) 22 volume collection of some of the finest recipes from around the world, lit the match for my global culinary curiosity.

It is still as relevant a cookbook as it was in the 1960’s. (Really wish they would do a reprint of the first edition!). It touches on every imaginable world cuisine by country, every regional cooking throughout the United States and teaches you just about everything you need or want to find out about cooking in general. The photo above shows the index volume open to page 56 for a good reason that my sister will appreciate. This is where you’ll find the first recipe I mastered thanks to this collection. Simply called: Chocolate Soufflé, when mastered is light and airy with a saucy chocolate center…perfection!

This will be my last recipe posting while I’m visiting kids and grandkids.
Be back in July,
Happy Summer To All❣

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