Carrie Bradshaw, part 2.

SultanaBun is on her way!

Hah, I got you there…you thought you were in for another photo of Yours Truly posing provocatively in a blue paper jumpsuit. Sorry, no.

In fact, I am here at my desk, on this gloriously sunny June morning, to say Thank You.

To all of you who have looked or liked and especially to those who have commented and complimented. You gave me the boost I needed to take a wobbly baby step outside my comfort zone.

first professional publication, bookwitty, comfort zone,

I made an tentative approach to the people at Bookwitty and submitted this little story as, I hoped, a gateway piece. To my surprise and delight, they came back asking for some longer articles.

Bookwitty requested a Q&A format for a piece on Eat Your Books. Waaaaaah! What did that mean? Was I supposed to just contact Eat Your Books and ask to speak to the owner? Errrr, exactly, yes.

So, I…

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