Squashed Chicken

3 simple and speedy servings of chicken breast stuffed with diced baby bella mushrooms.. A complete entrée from the oven, baked in one pan. I had a small spinach salad with it and was happy and full 😊

The veggies are chock-full of flavor from the olive oil in the bottom and the spices and chicken juices from the top.. I really enjoyed this and will make often..

3 boneless skinless chicken breasts

1 small yellow squash sliced and halved

1 small green squash sliced and halved

6 baby bella mushrooms sliced

2 baby bella mushrooms diced

6 mini red and orange sweet peppers cut up

1/2 medium Vidalia onion sliced thick

3 tsp prepared minced garlic

3 tbsp EVOO

Thyme,ginger, coarse black pepper

Coat bottom of pan with the EVOO

Add the squash, sliced mushrooms, sweet peppers and onions

Add spices and 1 and 1/2 tsp of the minced garlic , omit the cracked pepper from the veggies

Make a slit in the side of each chicken breast and stuff with the diced mushrooms and place on top of veggies

Spread the rest of the minced garlic on the chicken and season to taste with all the spices and grind the black pepper on the chicken

Put pan in preheated oven at 450 f

Let cook at 450 f for 15 minutes

Turn down temp to 350 f for about 25 minutes or until internal temp of chicken reaches 160 f..

The chicken I used weighed a total of 1.8 lbs. and only took 25 minutes at 350 f. Total cook time was 40 mins..

I did not add lemon or lime juice which is my salt substitute. Which was really an accidental oversight.. But I was so pleased with the clean fresh taste with the spices I used, I didn’t need to add any saltiness to bring out flavors.. And the veggies were perfect for my taste. Roasted tender but not soggy..




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