Easy Peasy Pork Salad or Nakey Piggy in the Garden πŸ˜„

First I have to say “sorry” to my sis.. Avert your eyes sis, I don’t want you to pine for pork roll Β πŸ˜•

I have a habit of trying experiments in progress.. With a lot of spinach still left on hand and a new package of pork roll I was excited to be able to get, a salad was about to be made..

There were visions of diced tomatoes and onions, some of green and some of yellow squashes..On a bed of spinach and pork roll, with croutons and sunflower seeds, sprinkled with seasonings of garlic, oregano and thyme, Β lightly drizzled on with olive oil an vinegar..

Pork Roll is like a cross between bacon and ham in taste giving it a unique tang that is just awesome.. Anyone who likes bacon and ham will surely love pork roll..

I love ham or bacon in my salad, so why not pork roll ! πŸ˜„

So I tried a bit of spinach and pork roll in taste test.. And that’s where my vision of this salad stopped.. It was great.. A 2 ingredient salad.. The day is off to a good start when a tasty meal is so easy.. When I buy spinach, I wash it and then the plastic container to store it in.. I find it keeps it best.. Downside is that I keep the fridge so cold that some things on the top shelf get frost.. So spinach only keeps about 3 days for me this way..It gets lightly frozen and I actually enjoy it that way.. It thaws quickly but doesn’t “limp out” (yaay !) Β The tang of the pork roll eliminated the need for a light coat of dressing, my salad was naked 😁

After the initial taste test, to imagine what would be great with it, and a few more taste tests….. I realized, hey this is complete, at least this go around.. Maybe I’ll get around to adding things in another time.. πŸ˜„

Pork roll is a great breakfast side and is great on a bun for lunch.. And now my new use for it..

Pork roll is a Jersey gem, but available Β in many Philadelphia, Pa area supermarkets.. Taylor brand ships, if you feel inclined to try it.. This is fully cooked right out of the package, though is best warmed, fried or baked.. There is no other pork product I can compare it with except as I did above, a tangy, smokey cross between bacon and ham..


11 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Pork Salad or Nakey Piggy in the Garden πŸ˜„

    1. Really ??? Of all the Philly area foods they could’ve picked.. πŸ˜‚
      Bet it was those transplanted New Jerseyites that kept asking for it til Publix gave in.. You know they’re die hard Pork Roll fanatics..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I could send some your way to cook up for him 😊
      I haven’t been on except spotty which describes my free time and data service lately, but I have emails of your posts that I’ll be catching up on, hopefully soon, along with my other favs πŸ’›

      Liked by 1 person

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