Easy teriyaki vegetable noodles

I love using leftover vermicelli to make lo mein. This teriyaki version sounds great!

lynz real cooking

While Saudi is a closed society in many ways, in other ways it is very versatile and open. Workers from India, Phillipines, UK, America, Holland, Bangladesh, Algeria, Egypt and so many other countries all come to make a living.  Little neighborhood stores carry bits and pieces of food stuff from these countries. There are a wide variety of noodles, sauces and wraps for those who want to try new and different dishes. I tried a wide variety of these dry packaged noodles and it was usually a struggle, each time a new outcome, sometimes amazing and then sometimes not great! Directions were not in English and although I took notice of what worked each time, the brand that I had purchased would then disappear.  When I arrived back to the U.S. I found some lovely fresh noodles in the grocery produce section. These could easily run $4 per package and I…

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