Chicken Pinerays

When Pineapple and Sweet Baby Ray’s meet on chicken thighs magic happens..

😮 Chicken becomes dessert..

I’m a huge fan of boneless, skinless chicken thighs.. Flavorful and versatile..

So last night I wanted something new and tasty.. So, I laid the thighs in the baking pan flat, removed all tags of fat attached,  put a few squirts of Sweet Baby Ray’s Original BBQ sauce in and smeared it on all sides of the chicken..

I think my fingerpainting on the sides is great “Pan art” 😂

Next I took a single serve cup of pineapple tidbits and drained the juice and placed 5 tidbits on each thigh then rolled the thighs and very lightly sprinkled with nutmeg on top.. Then I drank the pineapple juice..

Put the pan in preheated oven at 425f and baked for 15 mins then turned temp down to 350f for another 30 mins..

With just 4 ingredients, its a snap to toss together.. And my hands being the only mess 😁 it was ready in under an hour with only one pan to wash up..

This was tender and full of sweet chicken flavor.. I also ate it cold this morning and was surprised how good it is cold too..

The nutmeg is important to the flavor.. But truly, use it sparingly, it’s a strong flavor and could ruin your meal if you use too much.. With a light sprinkle it can elevate a dish to tastebud heaven..

5 thoughts on “Chicken Pinerays

      1. Hawaiian BBQ is very big in down here in The Keys right now. I can almost smell that delicious aroma from your recipe!

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