Tiny Kitchen Popsicles !

Maybe tart cherry juice wasn’t the best for a photo 😄

But they are delicious and cooling.. In this hot weather of late, it was a goldmine for me to find in my favorite store, Wegmans  !.. I picked mine up for $12.99.. 

What’s so cool, other than eating them, is how you just pop them out by the stick.. The moulds are a soft bpa free silicone, and they invert when you pull.. And it fits in my freezer !!!! Which I’ve never been able to find before.. My dad makes pineapple Popsicles at home in traditional size moulds..

You can control flavor, quality, sugar and nutrition by making your own.. No matter what mould you use.. The moulds pay for themselves in no time..

Fresh fruit popsicles can be a super healthy dessert anytime of the year.. And your combination possibilities are only limited to your imagination.. I’m discovering other awesome products they have too at ⤵


10 thoughts on “Tiny Kitchen Popsicles !

    1. I spent 2hrs in there picking up milk and eggs and walked out with a cart full of stuff.. Wegmans is my “breaktime” at work when I get the chance to slip on in..

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    1. That’s one of the selling points they mention.. not having to run under water to get them out.. And it’s funny because I find it fun to pop them out 😂 But then again, I’m entertained pretty easily..

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      1. I always find that not only can I not get them out of the mold, the stick comes out too. Then, no one wants to eat them. I am always trying to make all natural frozen fruit pops, albeit unsuccessfully. Sigh…..

        Better to be entertained by the small things. It’s a recipe for joy. Yaffa can make a game out of anything, and she is always happy.

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      2. These moulds are available in 30 countries, I hope you can find them because I think you’d be tickled with them.. the stick has this clever little loop at the end that grabs the ice and holds on 👍


  1. Yes I just saw those there.. I’m on the site looking at the ice cream maker.. I wonder what the dimensions of the inner sleeve are, I’ll have to ask them because that’s what gets frozen and has to be smaller than the outer sleeve.. I’m hoping it fits because I would love to make my own rocky road ice cream 🤗


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