Fresh Roasted Coffee Returns To Key West

Absolutely no greater foodie pleasure for me is a cup of perfectly brewed French-Pressed coffee from quality beans that are fresh and expertly roasted (local, didn’t sit on the grocer’s shelf for weeks) and ground slighty coarse.

I haven’t been able to enjoy this quilty pleasure since I lived in the Philadelphia area and could buy fresh roasted beans at Old City Coffee (and in the days I had a coffee roaster, they would sell me the green beans, too).

Finally, my ever favorite donut shop, Glazed Donuts, on Eaton Street between Duval and Whitehead Streets in Key West is now, also, a coffee roaster.  Their Red Buoy Guatemalan house blend is a perfect morning cuppa!  It is aromatic, strong and smooth☕️🍩❣

Here’s a refresher on how to make the perfect French-Pressed coffee:

French Press Coffee Brewing

Boil water needed:
Your water should be boiled before you grind; by the time you add it, it should be near perfect temperatures to start (If using already ground coffee, after boiling let the water cool down at least 45 seconds before you add it to the French Press.)

Use 1 rounded tablespoon per every 4 ounces of water.
When possible, add immediately after grinding (coarse)

Rounded Tablespoons:
I add one heaping tablespoon of coarse ground coffee per 4oz of water used for a slightly stronger brew.

Add the water:
Add the water steadily, saturating all the grounds by changing where the water falls.

Bloom:                                                               Most of the grounds will be covered and a small bloom is starting.  (The coffee grounds puffing up when they come in contact with the hot water)

Stir With A Chopstick:
Use a chopstick to quickly stir the slurry.
About six stirs make the bloom really come out.

Add the filter assembly, and start counting 4 minutes of brewing time.

After the steep time is done, it’s time to plunge down the filter. Grasp the handle firmly, get a solid grip on the plunger stick
and start pressing down in an even, controlled manner, always keeping the plunger rod absolutely straight. If it goes crooked, grounds will escape into the upper portion.

Steady Pours:
When pouring with a press pot, it’s always a good idea to hold on to the lid so things don’t slide around or accidently pop out.

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