The Food Of Love.

Sultana, you are contributing to my cookbook addiction:)

Prue Leith, familiar to many as a judge on BBC’s Great British Menu, is a true renaissance woman. She studied drama, art, architecture and French before training as a Cordon Bleu chef.

Prue Leith at Kerrygold ballymaloe Litfest 2016

Moving from her native South Africa to London in the 1960s, Leith established herself as a ‘cook-for-hire’ catering lunches at Belgravia homes for posh ladies who let on that she was the scullion…click here to read on.

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2 thoughts on “The Food Of Love.

  1. Pru is brilliant … I ate many times at Leiths in West London in the eighties when I was a hotshot (not) …. her cookery school is second to none and I have several of her books. I once bumped into her over the broad beans in a lovely organic veg shop in Moreton-in-Marsh where she lived in those days …. I was so star struck that my hand froze and she had to politely ask if I was actually going to take any. She went on to suggest we chat in the next-door tearoom so my husband, I and our then very small tots took tea with her. I have told both girls that she clearly infected them over the scones with a willingness to learn and continue to learn to cook as both are proper foodies, a fact which I am very happy with 🙂

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