CB&W Challenge Clocks & Locks

Cee’s B&W challenge this week is locks and clocks.. Since life on the road as a trucker revolves around time, it just seems the natural choice of the two.. But probably not what you think..

Pictured is the Qualcomm on my dash.. It gives me most of the info on my loads and is an electronic logbook.. Telling me the current time, how much on the clock I have left available to work and how many hours I’ll gain to my clock, up to 2 days ahead.. My clock is a 70 hour clock, every 8 days I can work up to 70 hours, then I’m off the clock 😉

Frozen in time, it shows I hopped in the sleeper at 00:27 (12:27am) and that I took the picture at 00:38..

Though it would seem my entry is of a clock, it isn’t..

I’m locked into a 70 hour work week, that rolls continuously on a 8 day cycle.. So really the Qualcomm screen is a picture of an electronic lock.. with no key..

While most people can work 70+ hours in a 7 day week, people who drive, pilots and train engineers cannot.. There’s good reason for this, because history has shown that these professions need regulated hours for safety’s sake.. Too many people try and work more than they’re capable of handling and fall asleep at the helm..

The clock on my radio shows 11:18.. That thing has never been right so I didn’t bother changing it for daylight savings time.. 😁

For many really interesting entries, please click Cee’s link above.. And maybe snap a pic of a clock and/or lock of your own 👍

9 thoughts on “CB&W Challenge Clocks & Locks

    1. Thank you so much Cee !!! I admire your work and so many other awesome photographers here, it really builds my photo confidence when you professionals enjoy one of my submissions 😊


    1. Thank you 😊 Now you know how I unwind before bed.. Catching up on great bloggers.. Time and data signal have been so scarce lately.. It’s nice to actually have some time and data signal tonight..


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