Armchair Adventure

I couldn’t find a reblog button on Kerry’s site, but I can do a link 😄

Today I purchased her ebook,

Letters From Cairo

I’m so glad I did.. I’m reading it on my android thru the kindle app..

Anyone who’s read or follows Kerry’s blog, will be happy to know, the book is written shooting from the hip, as we always enjoy her style..

If you haven’t visited Kerry’s site before, you’re missing out, so I hope you give her blog a visit..

I’m not going to reveal a thing about the book here.. I don’t do spoilers.. What I can reveal is that it’s a notable “pitstop” of its own, by placing me half a world away in different shoes..

The writing and photography is remarkable 😊

3 thoughts on “Armchair Adventure

  1. Wow, Pan. Thank you so much for the link – I must look at my reblog buttons. What a marvelous review and I so appreciate it. If you could give me a review on Amazon/Kindle, I would be so grateful. I have chronic fatigue right now but I intend to start marketing the book properly soon – that is the only reason why I started the blog. 🙂

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    1. Will do but before I write one for Kindle, I want to finish the book, so I can state I just got done reading cover to cover.. I’m just tickled with the read so far and had to post about it 😁 Most WP folk have a natural interest in great stories and learning.. I’m not trying to sell anyone on it here.. I believe just going to your link will sell them.. The review on Amazon will be why I think people should pick your book up..

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