Key West Celebrates Ernest Hemingway, The Man & The Myth

-whether you love him or hate him, Key West’s annual  celebration of his life is a blast!

Key West Hemingway Days July 19-24 2016

Personally, I loved his stories, his writing style and probably would have gotten a kick out of his bigger than life personality even though he clearly wouldn’t win any husband or father of the year awards.

6 thoughts on “Key West Celebrates Ernest Hemingway, The Man & The Myth

  1. Never skip The Bean 😮

    We really did have a good visit.. Wish I would’ve gotten more done but am grateful we had time to just sit and enjoy.. Stewie’s 2 favorite places are his spot in Florida and his spot in Maine.. He still loves new ponds to swim and different fields to try and catch anything.. But you can really see the difference when he’s at either of his 2 homes 😊 We have that in common 😄


  2. There will be less crowds.. Some ppl enjoy elbow to elbow hustle n bustle..
    I’m a fan of personal space 😁 and cooler weather.. I believe y’all will enjoy a winter visit too..


  3. …and since it’s off season in July, prices are a little less dear. However, it is the “rainy season” and if you enjoy being in or on the water, come in late winter…the weather is perfect😎

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    1. I can’t imagine the weather will take away the enjoyment you’ll experience in your florida adventure.. I just left after visiting dad a few days.. its in central Fla.. I made us Chicken Pinerays and he had seconds ! He made sweet potato with cinnamon butter and we both threw together a salad for the meal 👍
      The only outside chore I did was water Stewie, just like a flower.. He runs to the irrigation pump and lays on his back while I fill up a gallon with water and pour it on him head to tail.. I do it about 10 times a day at home, it keeps him cool and it’s like a game to him..

      Osyth I hope you’re having a blast !

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      1. I think we would be cowards and visit out of summer to be frank! I have the most glorious image of your dad chowing down whilst Stewie takes a pump shower! All good here and we both send you love (all send love corrects The Bean!)

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